Samsung Proposes Deal with Apple for Galaxy Tab Launch in Australia

Apple vs Samsung

As we all know by now, Apple and Samsung are in a patent battle. Yesterday, it was reported that  Steve Jobs was said to have contacted Samsung in July of 2010, initiating negotiations between the two companies regarding the patent disputes. The effort proved to be unsuccessful, which caused Apple to file mutiple patent lawsuits against Samsung.

At present, Apple is seeking an injunction against Samsung preventing the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Samsung  agreed  to delay the device’s launch several times as the injunction is being considered by the court. Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that  Samsung’s lawyers have proposed a deal to Apple that would allow Samsung to launch its delayed Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia as soon as next week. According to the report, the  terms of Samsung’s proposed deal was not disclosed to the court.

It wasn’t clear what benefit Apple would gain from any agreement, as details of the proposed deal were not discussed in full in front of the court. But Apple’s attorney, Stephen Burley, conceded there was some potential benefit from an agreement on the matter. “(Samsung’s) inconvenience would be diminished and we would be comforted” by such a deal, he said.

Justice Annabelle Bennett said that the proposed deal wouldn’t give Samsung the satisfaction of a final answer to the dispute, but Mr. Catterns said it would at least allow the company to sell its new tablet computer ahead of the crucial Christmas sales period.

Apple is currently involved in legal disputes against Android handset makers, including Samsung and HTC. Samsung has  fired back  with its own lawsuits, which has caused the two companies to be involved in lawsuits spread across four continents. Apple  has recently won cases against both Samsung and HTC.

Honestly, if you ask me, Samsung isn’t copying  Apple at all. Nope, not at all.

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