Hello Samsung Portugal, Your Free Dropbox Space Offer Can Be Hacked In 5 Minutes

Getting free storage space in cloud storage services like Dropbox is always tempting, everyone wants more free stuff without having to pay for it. While there are legitimate ways to bump up your Dropbox storage space for free, should you opt for hacks and loopholes?

Here is a scenario where Samsung Portugal is giving away 2 GB of free Dropbox space to Samsung customers who have an Android device. The offer is available only for Portuguese citizens who have bought an Android device from Samsung in Portugal only. But in reality, this offer can be gamed by anyone regardless of whether you are a Portuguese citizen or not. That is not all, you don’t even need an Android phone or an email address for verification, as the entire process can be gamed through fake credentials and fake IMEI number. The offer is ending on April 2nd 2012 or after the sale of 1,00,000 Samsung units, whichever occurs first.

So here is the deal. Go to the Samsung Portugal offer page, which is written entirely in Portuguese, you may use Google Translate to read the instructions or use inline language translation of Google Chrome to keep things simple. You will be asked to enter your email address for future correspondence. For the sake of trying this out, enter any random email address, hit the “avancar” button twice and you are through. No verification required at all!


2. The next page consists of a simple form where you will be asked to enter basic details e.g phone number, mobile number, gender, name and date of birth. There is a DWR field where you have to key in an 11 digit CPF code. That’s easily fixed, thanks to this website which will generate a random CPF code for you.


The last step involves choose a model number and entering the IMEI code of your Samsung Android device. We won’t reveal any further, as we are strongly against using such hacks and vulnerabilities, but here is a hint. You can choose a device from the dropdown and enter any random IMEI number to see if luck gives a nod. I am not telling which device you have to choose but I tried this several times until my fake IMEI number was accepted and I was given a free Dropbox coupon code.

dropbox-samsung-offer-hackRest of the part is easy, head over to Dropbox.com/coupon, sign in to your Dropbox account and enter the coupon code you obtained from the Portuguese Samsung portal. You will instantly see your Dropbox storage space getting an increment of 2 GB. This hack was originally unveiled by Mathheu at XDA forums (the forum post has been taken down now), a quick Google search reveals that the entire procedure is still available on quite a good number of sites. [via]

This is insanely hilarious as well as awful, considering the company we are talking here is Samsung.

Disclaimer: We are only broadcasting this vulnerability and we have neither devised this hack, nor we can be held responsible for any loss which can occur to your Samsung and Dropbox properties.

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