Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Not Getting Official Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade

Samsung, which has had a relatively good track record with OS upgrades especially for its Android line-up, has let out some unexpected news today. It has officially stated that it won’t be upgrading the very popular Samsung Galaxy S and the first Samsung Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab, to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

While both devices have hardware which is powerful enough to run Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung states that they lack sufficient RAM and ROM to run ICS along with their custom TouchWiz UI and some other widgets that they bundle with their devices.

Since the Nexus S received the official ICS upgrade, everyone was expecting the Galaxy S to receive it too, as they have almost similar hardware specs. But then the Nexus S runs a pure form of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, free from any ugly custom interfaces.

This is definitely one area where iOS and Windows Phone fare much better than Android. Custom user interfaces have delayed OS updates for most Android phones in the past, but now, because of these custom UIs, some high-end phones aren’t even eligible to get an OS upgrade they are fully capable of running, had the manufacturer not plastered it with some bloated UI.

Anyway, you can always flash some unofficial ICS ROM onto the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab.

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