Samsung Builds Up $200 Million War Chest to Fight Apple

Samsung and Apple have been fighting each other through patent lawsuits since a couple of years now. While Apple has been mostly on the winning side until now, even Samsung has scored a few minor victories. Even though the odds seem to be in Apple’s favor, Samsung is not giving up. According to a report by the Korea Times, Samsung has set aside a war chest of around $200 million for legal expenses in its fight with Apple.

Apple’s request to ban Samsung Galaxy device sales in the U.S. was recently denied by a judge. This leaves Samsung free to sell their devices during the crucial Christmas shopping season.

Samsung also almost managed to get a temporary tablet ban revoked in Australia. Samsung is hoping to score a similar minor victory in Paris this week.

Samsung and Apple are fighting each other in at least 9 different countries. Apple’s design patents may not prove to be very effective against Samsung’s tablets, as Samsung can just modify the design a bit, and work around them.

Florian Mueller, a patent expert stated “If Apple wants to defend market share against Samsung (and other Android device makers), it really needs to focus on solid technical patents instead. This preliminary finding indicates clearly that Samsung can easily modify the design of those phones in order to design around the scope of any future ruling.”

Samsung is currently the most popular Android smartphone and tablet manufacturer. The huge war chest will allow it to continue fighting Apple, and enable it to sell its devices without fear of any litigation or ban.

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