Salesforce Chief Gifted Steve Jobs “App Store” Trademark

During an interview with Bloomberg this week, Salesforce chief executive Marc Benioff revealed that on multiple occasions he asked Steve Jobs for professional guidance, specifically recounting a particular event from 2003 when he took members of his executive team to see Apple’s leader. During the meeting, the feedback Benioff received motivated him to focus on building an ecosystem for Salesforce’s “fantastic enterprise application,” which is how Steve Jobs described it.

In fact, the “ecosystem” became an app store itself known as the Salesforce App Exchange. However, beforehand the creators had originally registered the “App Store” URL and trademarked the phrase, but later on decided to call the product App Exchange instead.

During the 2008 keynote when Jobs introduced the App Store, Benioff was in the audience. At the end of the keynote, he walked up to Jobs and told him: I’m gonna [sic] give you the trademark and the URL because of the help you gave me in 2003″ as a token of appreciation. In addition, Benioff also said that Steve Jobs has given him more advice than just about anybody.

He has probably given me more help and more advice than just about anybody,”

“And when I get in trouble and I kinda [sic] get lost in my own vision, I’ve been fortunate to be able to go and see him and he’s been willing to show me the future a couple times.

When asked about Apple’s future without Steve Jobs, he said he believes the company can stay on top    for quite some timeeven after losing the best CEO in the world,which is what Benioff considers Jobs to be.


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