Sachin Tendulkar 200 Runs South Africa Highlights

Earlier in the day we posted a small video of Sachin Tendulkar completing 200 runs. However, we all know that you are hungry to watch the entire batting highlights of Sachin’s innings. So here is a highlight video of Sachin’s 200 against South Africa.

We are still awaiting more high quality videos of the 200 runs highlights to be uploaded to the internet. We will update this post with more HQ videos of Sachin’s innings once they become available to us.

10 thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar 200 Runs South Africa Highlights”

  1. There are many things in India that make us frustrated but when Sachin is on a roll – as he so often is – I feel proud to share the soil of my country with such a legend. There have been some arm chair cricket specialists who have – not so long ago – questioned why Sachin was still playing and with performances such as… this answers their questions. Keep it up Sachin and hope you will soon have the record of scoring centuries in first class cricket even when you cross 40 years. More than anything he is a very good human being and has always shown his two feet are planted so firmly on the ground – something many of other sportspersons can lack

  2. it is a history of sachin sir i hope itshould be break by more than 200 runs by an indian in worldcup going to be played in asian continent and the only break this record is it self a master in him is nonother than only sachin tendulkar . i hope he should break his own record making more than 200 runs in odi in worldcup and should make his dream come true by making INDIA a world champion. BEST OF LUCK SIR

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