Sabeer Bhatia Launches Conference Calling Solution SabseBolo

Sabeer Bhatia the entrepreneur who co founded the hugely popular email solution Hotmail and also has other solutions such which is travel site and Live Documents an online office suite has launched another site called SabseBolo which provides users with a conference calling solution. Sabse Bolo is a Hindi idiom which when translated to English becomes "Talk With Everyone".

Sabse Bolo is a conference calling solution specially developed for the Indian market. With Sabse Bolo you can have more than one called party listen to or participate in the call. It is absolutely free and in order to use it all you have to do is register at the site.

Why is this launch significant?

sabsebolo-logo India has a huge market for voice based calls but lacks a proper solution for Conference calls, with this launch Sabeer Bhatia’s SabseBolo has bridged a huge problem faced by small and medium businesses. In fact since this service is free of cost it can be used by anyone. The potential of this solution is huge.

SabseBolo works 24/7 and the maximum number of callers per conference is 10.

In addition to that the solution is available to use free of cost and the only catch is that you need to register your self with SabseBolo.


How Does It Work?

Once you register yourself with SabseBolo you will be provided with a conference ID number, you can call the number +91-(0)22-3980-4444 and enter the conference ID number you received followed by a pound sign (#). Each conference needs to be verified with a 4 digit pin number followed by the # sign.

Once all the participants are connected you can start the conference call.

How Much Does It Cost?

The conference calling solution is absolutely free and you just have to pay the normal local or STD rates charged by the carrier.

What’s The Revenue Model?

Even though the solution is completely free Bhatia is looking at a revenue model where there would be a 5 second advertisement before the call is connected. This sounds quite fair enough since 5 seconds will not cause a problem to the user.

This solution has some potential in it, but now that it has hit the open market expect more clones to come up in the next few months. But other than that this is a significant solution which could change the way conferencing is done in India.

If you want to have your own conference go ahead and SabseBolo, Sabse Bolo, Sabeer Bhatia, India Conferencing