Angry Birds Maker Rovio Acquires FutureMark’s Gaming Division

After Zynga, it seems that Rovio may be the next big game developer to go on an acquisition spree. Zynga has been acquiring gaming studios and startups left, right and center, trying to maintain its scorching pace of growth. While Q4 2011 was good for Zynga in terms of new hits, it cannot continue to grow at the rate it has traditionally been growing at organically. It recently acquired OMGPOP, the maker of the surprise hit – Draw Something – for $210 million.

Rovio seems to have hit the same roadblock in terms of growth. It doesn’t have any major titles to its name except the Angry Birds series. It recently launched Angry Birds Space, which has been a huge hit, rising to the top app charts across the board.

However, to continue launching hit games, it will also need to choose the acquisition route. It has acquired the gaming division of Futuremark. It seems to be a talent acquisition, and will enable Rovio to focus on advanced mobile games with better graphics – possibly targeting the iPhone, the new iPad, and the new generation of Android phones.

Rovio had earlier acquired Kombo Animation Studio in 2011. The specifics of this deal weren’t revealed.

Zynga had tried to acquire Rovio earlier in 2011 for more than $2.25 billion, but was turned down. It seems like Rovio may become its greatest competitor on mobile.

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