Ron Johnson Assembling Former Apple Retail Alumni at JC Penney

Imagine walking into a non-Apple store which is neatly organized, uses iPod touches and iPads as payment devices, and offers a staff that is extremely helpful. This is exactly what Ron Johnson is setting out to do with JC Penney. Ron Johnson was the senior vice president of retail operations for Apple and arrived from Target in January in 2000. He thought of the wonderful Apple Stores and Genius Bars. Earlier this year, it was reported that Ron Johnson would be leaving Apple and would become JC Penney’s new CEO.

Ron JohnsonToday, a new report suggests that he is assembling a new team of former Apple executives to reinvent JC Penney retail experience. The Wall Street Journal reports that he is assembling a ┬áthat includes former Apple executive Daniel Walker, who served as a “chief talent officer” from 2000 to 2005, and Michael Kramer, who worked as Apple Retail’s chief financial officer over the same five year period.

In fact, Walker recruited Johnson to work at Apple, while Kramer worked with Johnson at Target before both joined Apple ten years ago. Ironic isn’t? Johnson’s new team ┬áhopes to do at JC Penney something similar to what they accomplished at Apple. Just imagine how awesome this would be if it works out!

I don’t think this will be an easy task for Johnson since JC Penney is already operating over 1,100 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. When Johnson joined Apple, its retail operations started from scratch over a decade ago and grew over a period of time.

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