RIP: Microsoft Finally Dumps Windows XP
By on July 1st, 2008

Microsoft finally (officially) dumped Windows XP, from July 1 PC manufacturers are disallowed from selling laptops or desktops with Windows XP pre-installed.


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This is sadly the end of one of the greatest operating system ever created. It’s sad but all good things have to come to an end, and who are people like us to tell Microsoft not to do that.

So get ready to start paying for the extra processing power and RAM, with high performance video cards just because Microsoft will only sell you Windows Vista from now on.

Windows XP official support will end in June 2014, so there is still some time before you can worry about getting completely alienated by Microsoft.

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  • narendra.s.v

    its really sad coz even vista is there but i still love to use xp ;)

  • DineometerDeb

    Oh crap. I was just talking about this with someone, and how no one wants to buy a new computer because of Vista. Guess I will have to go Mac after all the horror stories I have heard.

  • Sandip

    Lawl.!!! BSOD he he he , Frankly Speaking Xp wasn’t that much BSODing :P compared to Windows 98

  • Nirmal

    This is one of the best decisions taken by Microsoft, all old products should be discontinued. :-)

    • Keith Dsouza

      Well Windows XP was the best, and with Windows Vista definitely not performing up to the mark I think its a cruel decision.

  • Magie

    I’m XP mania too…I have tried Vista. But I feel more suitable working with XP. I hope I’ll find a proper substituter before XP officially ended.

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