RIP: DocSyncer Closes Shop No More Google Docs Synchronization
By on June 16th, 2008

Another one of our favorite tools has bitten the dust. Docsyncer for which we had done a detailed review quite some time back are finally shutting shop and entering the deadpool.

Docsyncer was a desktop synchronizing utility that synchronized your local documents with your Google Docs account. It has been quite a handy utility as it allowed us to keep multiple computers synchronized with the same computer.


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Sadly like Google Browser Sync another useful utility has bitten the dust. The main factor behind the closure is that the creators of the software did not think they could make money through the service. A announcement on their website says;

Thank you for your interest in Docsyncer. Our service will be shutting down on June 20th, 2008. All current users can continue to access and use the service until that time.

Docsyncer began largely as an experiment. When our primary startup (ProtectMyPhotos) began to appear that it wasn’t going to work out, we wanted to try something radically different with our technology. In a very short amount of time, we were able to build DocSyncer for the world to enjoy. However, it was always an experiment and we weren’t sure it could be a business. We’ve figured out in a very short amount of time that DocSyncer is a cool tool – but not a business. With no way to pay for itself, we’d rather shut the service down than let it fall into decay as our team begins to work on a new project. We regret that anyone who’s enjoyed DocSyncer will be disappointed to see it go – we’re certainly disappointed as well. Nonetheless, we made some great progress with DocSyncer that we’re proud of. We synced more than 5 million documents to Google Docs – making us the largest user in the history of the Google Docs API.

Until we meet again, good luck and thank you for the support!

A real sad way to end a excellent utility. Rest in Peace Docsyncer.

On the other hand have you come across any other utilities that have the same features, do let us know through your comments.

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