Replace your windows explorer with something better

I have used a couple of cool windows explorer replacements that adds tabs to to the regular explorer navigation. If you want to switch to a tabbed windows explorer experience then I recommend you one of these below.


If you are one who opens more than a couple of windows to work with files from different folders then QTTabBar is the right software for you.

xplorer ²

xplorer ² lite is a very good alternative for your regular Explorer windows and performs better than QTTabBar. It is a lightweight version of xplorer ² software which is available for commercial usage. It is free for personal and academic use.


ExplorerXP is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non – commercial use) file manager for Windows 2000/XP. Unlike the regular Windows Explorer, it displays the total size of each folder and allows you to browse multiple folders from a tabbed interface.


XPlorer is a substitute for the Windows Explorer, adding multi tabbed features. So it is possible to have lots of locations opened at the same time, while we can manage them in an easy and eficient way.

All of the above softwares help you add tabs and make your navigation easiers I am currently using xplorer ² but have loved QTTabbar which is a awesome replacement for explorer, try out these and let me know how these work for you.

Do let me know your experiences with these softwares. If you have not used these then I definitely recommend you start using it.

22 thoughts on “Replace your windows explorer with something better”

  1. Well, I’ve tried Xplorer2 and indeed it is good but later on I’ve just started using windows explorer once again. As I was just too much used to it.

    Anyway, very nice blog :)

  2. @Shankar you should definitely try one out, if you are addicted to tabs then this is the right replacements.

  3. Very good info man. I just tried QTTabBar, and its pretty good. The only problem I’ve found that is a little annoying is when exploring folders, if you hit the back button, it takes you right back to the 1st folder instead of the previous one. Unless I am missing something with a setting, it is still a very good freeware. I still think Total Commander for me though works best. Its very customizable and simple to use.

  4. Yea I just tried the lite version of xPlorer2 and it runs fast, not bad at all. Thanks for the suggestion Keith, I will play around with it for a bit and see how it compares to Total Commander.

  5. I’ve never tried any alternative of windows explorer. Actually, I feel that I have no reason to find new alternative but I will try your list. Thanks!

    1. Magie this has definitely added value for me, and save me tons of time copying and pasting files and working with multiple files simultaneously.

  6. QTTabbar is the BEST!! but it doesn’t work on Windows 7 (it works but not well).
    ExplorerXP is nice application but it’s not supports SVN icons.

    If you have appliction that works on Win7 and supports SVN I will love to here from you.


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