Fed Up Of Facebook’s Real Time News Ticker? Here is How To Remove it

The other day I logged into my Facebook account and was taken by a surprise.

Is this MySpace or Friendster?What have they done to the features and functionalities, it looks so complicated now, were some of my initial reactions.

Turns out I am not the only one complaining about the new features (read annoyances) Facebook rolled out recently. Everybody hates the new Facebook news feed and live ticker because this is nothing but a distraction. So are the automated friend lists, which adds little value as users are glued to the homepage and rarely check back the stream for each and every friend list Facebook created for them.

There is no way you can get the old Facebook layout back, Mark Zuckerberg’s team is already on steroids and they will be rolling out more updates in coming weeks. However, here are some easy ways to remove the Facebook real time news ticker and completely hide it from your Facebook profile, wall and news feed.

hide-facebook-news-tickerGoogle Chrome users should install this sweet Chrome extension which completely hides the news ticker in one stroke of genius. Hit the Installbutton and the news ticker is gone, forever. Works quite the same way you have hidden Facebook questions in past, another major Facebook annoyance.

Firefox users should install the remove Facebook sidebar ticker userscript along with the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox. Save yourself from paying attention to the news ticker and gazing on it over and over again.

The problem with Facebook news ticker is that it is often filled up with junk updates which adds no value whatsoever. One of my friends has the habit of sharing tons of links over a short period of time and then he goes on liking his own link one by one.

Result: the news ticker is often populated with Mr X likes his own link. There is no way I can convince him to stop likinghis own link and neither I want to unfriend him (he sits next to me in office and I don’t want him to stare at me saying You deleted me on Facebook. How dare you?).


This is nothing but Facebook’s attempt to go super real time but they have forgotten the fact that this is not Twitter. This is Facebook and every system has some undocumented rules which demands a stay.   Time and again, Facebook developers impose features which are not at all justified and makes things complicated for the average user.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg : If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. And stop breaking it over and over again and fix it to break it even further!

P.S: The only constant in this Universe is “Change”, and who knows it better than Mark and his team. No wonder  users will soon get used to whatever changes Facebook brings on and they will accept it going forward. You remember Google’s black navigation menu bar, don’t you?

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Amit Banerjee

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