Rekonq Getting Extensions Support

It seems like the being picked as the default browser for the upcoming Kubuntu Maverick Meerkat has really boosted the development of Rekonq, the KDE web-browser based on Webkit. The browser, which has till now been just about functional, is getting extensions support.

KDE developer Nikhil Marathe is currently working on bringing extensions to Rekonq. The good thing about  this is that the Rekonq  extensions  are based on Google Chrome’s  extension  API. This means that once completed, you will be able to use Google Chrome extensions in Rekonq.

In another Rekonq related news, Rekonq is getting its first beta release on 25 May as Rekonq 0.5. The extensions will not be there in the beta though. If you are using Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, Rekonq 0.4 is already present in the repository. You can try it out with the command:

sudo apt-get install rekonq

[via Markus’ Little Blog ]

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