Redditors Find out The Twitter Account of the Guy Claiming DDOS Attacks on WikiLeaks

Reddit is undoubtedly the best place on the Internet. It is one place where computer nerds feel at home. Proving its awesomeness, Redditors have discovered the Twitter account of the attacker claiming the WikiLeaks DDoS attack.

It all started with a question,

I’m curious who’s actually responsible for this. The US is intelligent enough to realize that DDoS’ing Wikileaks is just going to annoy them and make them release more documents. As such, it wouldn’t surprise me if China or the like was actually doing it, so as to ensure Wikileaks gets angy and release more classified US material.

What followed was a usual Reddit conversation list and it is worth a read here.

Here is a snapshot of the possible Twitter account of the one pulling off the hack. The hacker who goes by the name of “The Jester” is a patriot and gained notice earlier this year for making a DoS attack on the Taliban website

However, since the videos and documents have already been released by the news agencies, the DDoS is futile now.

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