Reddit Hires Three New Talents, Things Look Better than Ever

The way news flows through the interweb might have changed with the advent of Twitter and other social sharing tools, but Reddit is doing better than ever. Reddit is one of those conventional websites where you submit news and it gets voted and discussed upon.


At times you set out to make a service, but the users you attracts take it to the very next level. The same thing happened to Reddit. The awesome community at Reddit is perhaps the most interesting one on the Internet too. It attracts attention and provides valuable insight continuously with its AMA questionnaires. Reddit is multidimensional and you have to experience it first hand to know how awesome it is.

Reddit is one of the top 100 most visited websites online and requires some serious care. It is doing 1.228 billion pageviews this month with 18.8 million visitors. As always, the level of engagement on Reddit can be estimated from the average time on site that stands at around 15 minutes. Reddit was running with one developer for the last three months. To make things better, they have made three new hires at Reddit now.

Logan Hanks is the first of the three and is an ex-googler. This is good news, given that one of the programmers to leave recently went for Google. The second one is Keith Mitchell who is graduated from the Colorado School of Mines and is an expert on Python. The third one Brian Simpson is a chemical engineer with an edge in programming.

Reddit is an awesome community and needless to say, they will keep churning up awesome content. As always, these new hires at Reddit will keep things behind the scenes pretty.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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