Reddit is having Funding Problems In Spite of Doing 280 Million Pageviews per Month!

Is Reddit having funding problems in spite of doing 280 million pageviews per month?  Reddit is supposed to be a place for great geek minds. It is famous for its geeky humor and for doing stories and threads rarely found elsewhere.

This popularity pushed Reddit to 280 million pageviews per month, which is  humongous  in itself. However, the funniest part of this is that Reddit is not really monetizing this traffic. On top of that, it has started to face some monetary issues and has considered asking for donations from its readers.

For those of you who do not know, Reddit is part of Condé Nast that happens to be a billion dollar corporation and has  authoritative blogs like ArsTechnica and Wired under its banner.

Clearly, the company is ignoring Reddit for some weird reason. The Reddit community is one of the most popular across the Internet and this is the reason why Mike Schiraldi, one of the engineers behind Reddit had to ask for donations. Apparently, Reddit’s enjoys only a small share of the annual budget of Condé Nast  here.

However, Reddit has survived this long without making use of its readers to earn and this might be the right thing to do. Though, going low on funds changes many things.


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  • Maybe its time for the owners of Reddit to sell their website? Perhaps they could do a better job at selling than Digg did, I am sure they would earn a pretty penny from the sale!

    Till then,


    • They will earn a fortune of a lifetime if Reddit goes on sale. However, I do not see that happening, neither do I want it to happen. Reddit is a place for the greatest geek minds in the world. I have learnt a lot from Reddit and hate to see it go down like this.

  • Reddit sends lots of traffic to my blog. I love the Reddit community/ In order to survive. Making a small use of its readers to earn may be a better option for them rather than asking for donations or selling it.

    • Exactly. I do not understand why Reddit is being so egoistic and not using ads. With 280 million pageviews, I think it can generate enough to support itself and all its brothers/sisters (given the current state of affairs).

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