Reddit Comes to Rescue in Car Theft Case

The Internet is a wonderful place as it has something for everyone out there. We have seen Internet help people in their real lives as well. We have seen Facebook unite parents with lost kids, Twitter updates put as evidence in court cases but this case I found is the best so far.


A Reddit user,  maltokyo has lost is car and is harnessing the uber geek mind of Reddit to get it back. All he has in hand is a series of surveillance videos of the person entering the parking area in his own car and then taking driving away with our victim’s car. Maltokyo here wants the folks at Reddit to zoom in on the video, enhance it the Jack Bauer style and get him a match for the number plate on the car.

He has taken this amount of pain after he was sent away by the police for lack of evidence. This data, if collected successfully will be his evidence in the case. The incident has already made him sort of a local hero and has featured in the local newspaper.

The guys at Reddit are trying all sorts of filters on the videos and have narrowed down the search to a few number plates in a mere one days. You can follow the investigation at this thread.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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