Red Hat Plans to Hire A Huge Workforce While Warning Against Diminishing Hiring Trends

Red Hat has recently revealed that it wants to hire over 1000 new employees. This is a whopping 25% of the current employee strength. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst has confirmed that it will hire all these 1000 employees in the year 2012. Red Hat being the first billion dollar company from the Linux family, this hiring spree tells a lot about the future trends in job growths, at enterprises like these.

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst believes that the rise of cloud services will attract employees for now, but with time, these very cloud services will be responsible for a slower job growth.

Companies are finally starting to see significant productivity gains from technology, so they are able to grow without hiring as many people.

“We are hiring, and I’m sure companies like Amazon and others who provide cloud computing are hiring. However, I think that is a drop in the bucket relative to the productivity we are providing enterprises, and that again leads to, unfortunately, slower job growth.

However, the hiring spree is not seen only at Red Hat. SUSE VP of Linux Engineering has also declared that they will have openings for 10 to 20 positions per week. That makes around 1000 employees at Attachmate too.

With an increase in cloud services, a skilled workforce is an absolutely necessity to manage the infrastructure and make it fail-safe.

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