Raspberry Pi Model A Finally Goes on Sale in US

After Europe and Asia, the Raspberry Pi model A finally goes on sale in the US for the promised price of $25. This is great news for DIY and hardware mod enthusiasts as the Raspberry Pi has been hacked to create wonderful things. The models on sale in Europe and elsewhere are all priced above $25 or come as a combo, which defeats the purpose of the board being a low-cost no-strings-attached device. However, in the US, Texas-based Allied Electronics has started selling the Raspberry Pi for $25 only, which is great news for hobbyists.


The $25 Model A sacrifices the ethernet port and has only one USB port. Thus, the model A needs much lesser power than the Model B. The Model A is specifically designed for enthusiasts who want to work with low-power devices without any internet connection.

The Raspberry Pi is a revolutionary single-board computer based on the BBC Microcomputer System. It has been created for an educational purpose, same as its predecessor. However, the Raspberry Pi has seen a major reboot of the hardware and architecture as compared to the BBC Micro, and it  is strictly designed to serve an educational purpose by supplementing the existing computer market and not competing with it in any way. The low cost of Raspberry Pi is a big attraction and it has also been received well by the DIY and hardware enthusiast community. This device has a bright future, and the low-cost of $25 will give it a wider audience.

Allied Electronics has declared that it will not take preorders or backorders for the Raspberry Pi. So, it will be made available as and when they have the device in their inventory. Unfortunately, their stock has run out already. Also, if you are from outside North America, consider buying the device from here.


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