Queen Elizabeth Joins Flickr!

Queen Elizabeth, along with other members of the British royal family now have officially published photos on Flickr, the popular photo sharing website. An account created and maintained by Buckingham Palace staff would post photos belonging to the British monarchy going as far back as 1854.

Most of the images show past and present public  appearances  of members of the British family. More than 600 photos have instantly become available when the photo stream launched just a couple of days ago including an 1854 picture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert holding hands. Soon, images would also be organized by themes and each member of the royal family will get there own gallery.

However, joining Flickr would not be royal family’s first step towards embracing social media as they already have a YouTube presence and a Twitter account with 50,000 followers. Interestingly, the photos shared on Flickr will not be open to comments from the public but users will be able to share and embed those images on other websites.

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