iPad Shipping Worldwide Unofficially Through eBay

eBay is a great place to make a quick buck, and with the frenzy on in full flow, you would definitely expect quite a few iPad’s to make their way to the self-selling online store. Well, people didn’t have to wait that long too since some users are now selling iPad on eBay.


The good news about the eBay store is that people can purchase and ship the iPad to worldwide locations, however, the bigger bad news is that they will have to pay a premium on the original markup.

For example, a 64GB Wi-Fi version iPad is selling at a flat rate of $999.99, the same can be purchased on the Apple store for $699. Now, a difference of $300 is huge, since you can purchase an 8GB iPad from the Apple Store for only $499.

Nevertheless, if you stay outside of United States and want to get your hands on an iPad, head over to http://ipad.ebay.com and order yours, that is if you don’t mind spending the extra bucks.

Thanks Amit.

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