PSP Firmware Update v6.10 – Impressions

Barely a month has passed since the last firmware update and Sony has already made plans for a major new upgrade to the PSP’s firmware. The PlayStation Blog has a new post that says that a new firmware update will be available soonand that it is a big update.

The key features for the PSP system are:

  • SensMe channels on XMB: Remember those moods and tempo levels in MediaGo? Well, you can now categorize songs added via MediaGo on your PSP based on their mood, tempo and other categories bringing the total to 12. The interface is slick, while the video explains that you would need to download the application separately after updating your PSP firmware to v6.10.
  • MediaGo enhancements: MediaGo will be updated to version 1.2 to support the PSP Go and some other newer titles in the PlayStation store as well as the SensMe channel for the PSP XMB. It will also feature a new look that many users accuse of aping Apple’s album arrangement on the iPod Touch/iPhone.
  • Tethering (only for the PSP Go): This is the biggest update as it allows the PSP Go to be tethered to a mobile phone with Bluetooth to access the internet via the phone. This will definitely be the biggest draw for anyone who buys a PSP Go.

I personally cannot wait to test the SensMe that looks super slick! Way to go Sony!

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