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Google is the undisputed leader of present day web technologies. With some of the most popular, useful and free web services like Google Search, GMail, Feedburner, Orkut, YouTube etc. under its belt, it collects an astonishing amount of personal data about you and your preferences.

It is sometime chilling for any security enthusiast, just to know the vast amount of data, which Google possesses about a user. And these privacy issues get more important when you learn that some of the most disciplined and sophisticated hack attacks like operation Aurora are targeted towards Google.

How To Protect Privacy and Use Google Search

GoogleSharing is a service, which allows you to safeguard your privacy and use Google web searches at the same time.

GoogleSharing is a system that mixes the requests of many different users together, such that Google is not capable of telling what is coming from whom. GoogleSharing aims to do a few very specific things:

  1. Provide a system that will prevent Google from collecting information about you from services which don’t require a login.
  2. Make this system completely transparent to the user. No special websites, no change to your work flow.
  3. Leave your non-Google traffic completely untouched, unredirected, and unaffected.

The use of GoogleSharing is easy. You have just to download a Firefox Addon and start using it. [Warning: It is still in the experimental stage and has not yet undergone the usual public review process of Firefox Addons. Remember, many of Firefox Addons at the experimental stage may be in prototype form]

Editor’s Note: On first look, it looks like a useful service. But the fact remains that it is yet at an experimental stage and the most important issue is that would you care to share all your web searches with a third party. While you are saving your web data from Google, but the after effect is that you are now sharing the same data with a third party, whose credentials are no match to Google.

And the worst part is that the site seems to be using a domain, which contains the word “Google”, which looks like a case of trademark violation. There may be chances, in future, that Google may drag the service to the court, and claim the domain citing trademark infringement.

Let’s know, what you think on it.

Download GoogleSharing From Website | From Firefox Addon Site.

[This is a guest post by Silki Garg. You may sure like her posts about Firefox Privacy and Protecting Online Privacy from Google on her blogs.]

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