Property Search Comes to Google Maps UK

Do you live in the United Kingdom and want to shift to a new apartment? Do you want to rent your Garage and make some extra money? If you are looking for selling, renting or buying properties, Google Maps UK is here to help.

Earlier today, Google Maps UK added support for property search, which means visitors will be able to find properties, houses or apartments that are on rent.

To get started, simply go to the Google Maps UK website and hover on the Moreoptions dropdown. You will see a new checkbox named as Propertieslisted as one of the options.

As soon as you select the checkbox, you will see the UK map populate with red circles all over. These red dots are nothing but properties that are available for either sale or rent.

Let’s take a closer look on a property map:

You can refine the search by choosing features like sale, rent, apartments, bedrooms, garage, price and so on. The properties can be entered from the left column and the results appear in the right one.

Hovering the mouse cursor over a property shows you more details about it the price, location and so on. The map will update dynamically, as you zoom in and out of the map using the mouse wheel.

You can turn on other map details, this include terrain, satellite and earth view. This will help you know the geographical conditions and the neighborhood of the property in which you are interested.

This new feature can be immensely useful, if you are searching for a new house or want to rent your own house. On the very first day of it’s launch, hundreds of listings have started pouring in and who knows you might be the lucky one who finds a new dream house, through Google Maps of course.

[ via Google LatLong ]

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