Professional DVD Creator for Mac OS X [Free Giveaways]

[Mac Only] Need to create a DVD containing some homemade videos with some awesome effects? Need to make a small slideshow consisting of video and audio? Well, Daniusoft DVD Creator for Mac comes to the rescue then!

Danuisoft DVD Creator

The key features of the Daniusoft DVD creator are:

  • Burn movies stored in your hard disk to a DVD disc.
  • Supports a wide range of DVD discs like DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD-RAM, DVD5 and DVD9.
  • Create highly customizable DVD menu.
  • Supports a wide variety of video formats like AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, DAT, MOV, FLV, and MKV.

DVD Creator MAC Screenshot

While testing the software, I was blown away by the clean, simple and awesome interface of the application. For first time users, the application even has a very nice tutorial with in-depth details on how to create a nice custom DVD. Users can drag-and-drop images from iPhoto as well. When a user adds a photo, or a video he is presented an edit option where he can add some nice custom effects to the picture or video.

The main program window has two main options – Media and Menu. The Menu tab consists of some mind-blowing awesome DVD menu templates. Without a doubt, these are the best templates I have ever seen in any DVD making software irrespective of the platform. The default templates are even categorized under 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio. If by any chance, the default templates do not satisfy you, you can click on the “More Templates” option that will take you to the Daniusoft website where you can find some more awesome templates. If a user selects a static template, he has the option to select any kind of “frame” in a default template, along with the “play” button. The Advanced Setting option allows users to set a custom thumbnail to a video or a picture, and even a custom image as the background of the DVD menu.

Daniusoft DVD Creator Photos

Users can edit a video/picture and add special effects to it, or watermark it, or even trim and rotate it. The application has a small bar at the bottom, which shows how much space has been consumed on the DVD. The software has 3 burning mode – Best Performance, High Quality and Standard. When I was burning a 1.72GB AVI video file under the Best Performance mode, the video file size reached a whooping 9037MB. Even though there was a noticeable difference in the video quality at the time of playback, I would have preferred the size to be a bit  less. One useful feature about this software is that it allows users to burn – rather save – their project in ISO format or in a DVD folder. The “Extras” option in the menu bar features an option to burn an ISO file and/or an AVI file to a DVD. When I tried the “Burn AVI To DVD” option, I was redirected to a tutorial on Daniusoft website on how to burn AVI files. Sadly, when I tried the “Burn ISO To DVD” option I was redirected to a “Page Not Found” page on the Daniusoft website.

Screen shot 2010-05-27 at 6.05.12 PM

One nifty feature of the application is that if your project exceeds the space present on the DVD by a few megabytes, users are given an option to compress the project to fit it onto a single DVD. The amount of time taken to encode and burn a project on a DVD will vary according to the configuration of your Mac.

Screen shot 2010-05-28 at 1.09.29 AM

Screen shot 2010-05-28 at 1.22.07 AM

Screen shot 2010-05-28 at 1.06.15 AM

Techie Buzz Verdict

I found Daniusoft DVD creator to be a must have software. Except for the “Burn ISO To DVD” option not working, the software worked like a charm. The smooth animations, and the simple UI of the application make it much more user friendly. The price of the software is a bit steep at $49.99 though. Luckily, for our readers we have 15 licenses of Daniusoft DVD Creator for giveaway.

Download Link:

Giveaway Details

We have 15 licenses of Daniusoft DVD creator as a giveaway for our readers. If you want to win a copy of this DVD creator which is worth $49.99, just leave a comment and tell us why you would want to win the Daniusoft DVD creator license.

We will randomly choose 15 winners from the entries we get and send them a license each of the software.

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  • Stefan

    Hi, i'm a media student at college and need a powerful dvd creator for my mac such as Daniusoft DVD Creator. I downloaded the trail version and found that this software was easy to use with many great feature, such as Daniusoft DVD Creator offers a wide range of video input which will be really useful my projects. I hope I win a license so that i can continue using this great software.


  • I would love to have a powerful video suite like this for some work projects, pick me, pick me!!

  • Carnail

    Techie Buzz really keeps me in the know, I'm currently work on computing tutorials and would enjoy having my tutorials look more professional using Danuusoft DVD Creator. I would make good use of the free license by producing great content for the computer novice, among us.

    Keep up good work.


  • Virender

    thanks for the giveaway.

  • bill ehm

    I have checked out your product and it is one I would like to have installed on my system permanently for these kinds of projects. Please include me in your drawing. Thanks.


  • Hi, I'm a freelance graphic designer and have been using computers for 25 years. My husband is a newbie and all he wants to do is create DVDs of about 250 of his photos/videos to show on TV. Unfortunately iLife/iMovie is a totally closed program that was fighting with Adobe Bridge (which I need for my work) so I deleted it. Then I tried Adobe Encore which was included in my Adobe package. First problem was that all the photos came in blue. After much searching it turns out that photos turn blue if they are over 1MB in size. So I downsized them all and went ahead and tried to create a show last night, only to get the message that 'slideshows can not exceed 99 images'. Already this is too complicated for him (he's horrified at having to downsize his photos) so I really need a DVD creator to save my marriage!


  • Teresa

    I have 100s of miniDVs that I need to convert to DVD so my children and family can enjoy them without looking on the small video cam screen! Would love a chance to use this software and share my family memories!

  • burr

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  • nick0

    Wow – great review! I’ve been looking for a quality DVD creator for osx since switching to Mac last year; there are plenty for the PC but not so much for OSX so I appreciate the detail in your review. Might be a bit late, but if you still have a licence going spare I’d really appreciate it :)

  • Arthur

    I would like to win a free license of this DVD creator. I have several Gigabytes of .avi movies stored on my computer from family holidays that I would love to send to my relative for them to play in their DVD players. I've tried sending it to them in data forms, but they don't know how to play it and miss out and the family bonding!

  • Art

    I'm trying to help my 70 year old neighbor. He used to teach the Harp at the Peabody Conservatory and has played in an array of symphonies. His wife passed of cancer several years ago and he now lives alone with his two rabbits. He was recently put on an oxygen tank, limiting his outside movement.

    Whenever I visit, he's always listening to a symphony or particular harpist – he'll do so for hours on end, literally. It's the great kernel of the world he has left. I suggested that he go online to watch videos of his favorite harpists, or find podcasts with video broadcasts on relevant musical news. But the internet is much too daunting for him. So I suggested I would find material for him and bring them over on dvd. I've found tons of great material he would enjoy. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to get videos from my computer onto dvds to take to him.

  • Eliab

    I’m want a license because I have several vob files in my laptop, i want to burn it and to show to the students in the place I work! It really help me the license to make dvds and to show my students all that i have.


  • Kelly McDaniel

    I have to say, that this software is a little pricey, but it is exactly what I am looking for! Good review, Rajesh. I’m not sure if it’s too late for a free copy of this software, and I surely do not have any stories like a lot of the other readers to compare to. I do have a Sony Handycam that is not mac compatible, though, and that is why I am looking at this specific software. If I am too late, congratulations to the winners, and if I’m not, good luck to all. Thanks for the shot.

  • Kathleen Dorshimer

    I have been looking for a software like this and have been researching for days. After reading the reviews, this program has been my first choice. I am a student so money is tight with me, but I would love to have this program. I have many home movies that are taking up way to much space on my mac and now I do not have any room. I don’t want to loose the movies so this program will definitely help me out.

  • Brian Moss

    Having wasted hours of time with iMovie and iDVD trying and failing to produce menus for DVDs, I came across a link to ‘DVD Creator for the Mac’. If it turns out to be as good as described, users across the world will be eternally grateful.
    Thanks in advance to the developers.
    Brian Moss

  • Eve

    Hello! I was having problems converting/burning videos on my Mac until I read your review. I have downloaded the trial version of this software and I must say it is really good! I would love to have a license for the full version. Thanks!