All Google Profiles Will Be Public After July 31st, Private Profiles Will Be Deleted

Regardless of whether you have a Google Plus account or not, your Google profile will automatically become public after July 31st. If your Google profile is set to Private, you would have to change it’s visibility to Publicbefore July 31st. All private Google profiles will be deleted after July 31st, as reported in a help document page of Google Profiles.

Here is what the help page reads:

The purpose of Google Profiles is to enable you to manage your online identity. Today, nearly all Google Profiles are public. We believe that using Google Profiles to help people find and connect with you online is how the product is best used. Private profiles don’t allow this, so we have decided to require all profiles to be public.

The argument is loud and clear.

There is No Free Lunch

If you want to have a free lunch (Google Plus and other Google services), there is no way you can go incognitoanymore. You must provide your information to the world and more importantly, to Google.

From the last couple of months, Google’s behavior and action proves that they are now focusing more and more on the biggest asset The People.

google-cartoonFirst they launched their so called online reputation management tool and integrated it on Google dashboard.   The tool is powered by an existing service – Google Alerts and it offers nothing special for that matter. The interesting thing here is that to use the tool, users have to mandatorily create their Google Profile.

Bang on. Here is the hidden pitch Create your profile and get automatic alerts for free. But, please create your Google profile for God’s sake!

Next, they came up with a brand new social network Google Plus. Well this one is new and offers something interesting but if you see from the top it is also geared towards the same objective Information about people

Now they want every Google profile to be public. Where do all these equations meet?

Google wants to know more and more information about you. They already know what you search for, to whom you communicate with and which websites you keep on visiting again and again. Although Google lets user export their data out, but that’s a usability tool and does not intersect with user privacy.

Note that both Facebook and Twitter offers ways to protect their profiles from being found. But with Google, it’s just not possible anymore. Your Google profile will be forcibly made public after July 31st or deleted. Yes, there is an option to control whether your profile appears on search result pages or not but remember the fact that anyone within Google Plus can still track you down, since your Google profile is public.

The big question remains unanswered why user data is becoming so important these days? Why Google wants every Google profile to be public, forcibly? Is it because they want better Ad targeting or is it that they want to measure user interaction across all Google services? Possibly both.

Just wondering where the search giant is headed.


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