Prismatic: Organize Feeds

I connected to Prismatic using Twitter. There was a claim that it would help organize my extremely diverse set of tweets coming from a relatively hodge podge network.

It is an attempt to go beyond being a social news aggregator into a more personalized service. This service learns about you based on your inputs (click “+” or “x”) to keep or remove an article.

The steps to move onboard are as follows:

Step 1: Sign in with Twitter/Facebook

Step 2: Prismatic will study you based on the types of posts you vote for and publish

Step 3: Prismatic provides your personalized newsfeed

Step 4: Enjoy the specially selected list of articles that you will likely want to  repost

This aggregator works to fill the demand in the sector that comes between personal social networking (like Twitter and Facebook) and news sharing (like NYT, Awl, to name a few). The result is that this semantic-filter site, learns about your interests to provide you with your own ready to use feed to save you the trouble of identifying and organizing various sources. It is a good replacement for your RSS reader. After all, from the hundreds of people that we follow on Twitter, we may just go over a dozen of them at a time.

The co-founder Bradford Cross spoke of it thus,

 I think the media industry in a few years is going to be completely transformed — all of these things will look very different. So we’re just focusing on how we can help people discover the things they are interested in.

It is worth giving this a try and compare it with its competitors (Flipboard and Zite). If you are a heavy Twitter or Google Reader user, this form of organized content coverage will provide a very nice table of contents to pick your stories.

Personally, I am not entirely convinced by this concept. These aggregators provide me with stories based on choices that I select, but what about the many choices that I randomly come about and like too. They have forgotten to consider that I may have evolving tastes and may not have come across posts on every topic that I like. The sum of my interests comes from the known and the unknown that I  may stumble upon (pun intended).

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