A Simple Hack To Preview YouTube’s Upcoming Design [Video]
By on November 20th, 2011

YouTube is probably the only Google service which hasn’t been redesigned for a while. We have recently learned that YouTube is testing another major design overhaul in the lines of Cosmic Panda, a fresh version of the 6 month old redesign experiment. No wonder the upcoming YouTube redesign is synonymous with the redesign of Gmail, Google Reader, Google Adsense and other Google services;   the sole aim being Google Plus integration.

The new homepage and design changes on YouTube haven’t been rolled out yet, but you can preview it using the following hack:

1. Open YouTube.com on Google Chrome and fire up the developers tools panel by hitting Control + Shift + J. Firefox users should use Control + Shift + K instead.

2. Click Console and enter this string as it is:



3. Hit the Return key once.

5. Refresh the page by hitting F5 on your keyboard.


The page will reload and YouTube’s hidden design will be brought into light. Have a look below:


Instead of the classic 2 column layout, YouTube plans to go three column over a subtle grey background. The subscription timeline is centered while channel recommendations and related videos lay on both sides of the timeline. Video pages will remain 2 column though.

The left column has a new member in the form of G+, clicking which shows all the YouTube videos your Google Plus friends have shared recently. You can also click trending videosand currently popularon the left column to see which videos are being watched by the entire community of YouTube users across the globe.



The new design feels good to my eyes and unlike Gmail or Google Reader, this one is a little more compact and has better calls to action. Barring colors, Google Plus video stream and minor modifications on the layout, it is still the old YouTube where I spend more than an hour daily.

If you would like to take an inside peek into YouTube’s upcoming design changes, watch the following screencast:

Thanks Jatin for the tip

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