Get Your Wallets Out, iPad Is Ready For Pre-orders

Let’s head back to January 2010, when there was so much anticipation and eagerness to get Steve Jobs on the stage to unveil the latest Apple magical device, to be known as the for the rest of it’s existence.

Apple iPad

January 27th saw the unveiling of iPad, a giant iPod Touch, but people still went crazy about it, and then several did not even want to get their hands on it.

Back to future now. Apple earlier announced that the iPad would start shipping on April 3rd and pre-orders would be available some time in March, and guess what, it is finally confirmed. The Unofficial Apple Blog confirmed today, through Apple that the iPad will be available for pre-orders starting March 12th at 8:30AM ET / 5:30AM PT.

So get your wallets out, search for those credit cards and get your hands on the iPad before everyone runs it out of stock. There are no prizes for being first, however, you will definitely be shipped with a first generation Apple iPad, which I believe will get better within 3 months of people purchasing it :-)

Wondering how many people are going to lose sleep to order the iPad. Get in line fanboys, albeit online.

Oh and where can you buy it? Good question, head over to and keep refreshing it, don’t overdo it and kill the servers as there are several others who would want to buy the iPad.

If you don’t have any idea on how the iPad looks or works, take a look at the iPad video Apple aired during the Oscars.

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