Popular Twitter Client, MetroTwit, Launches a paid Plus Edition

MetroTwit, one of the most popular Twitter clients for Windows, released version today. Along with features and performance updates, MetroTwit also announced a Plus edition a paid edition that removes the recently added in-stream ads and provides the upcoming multiple Twitter accounts support.


Developed by Long Zheng, David Golden, and Winston Pang, MetroTwit draws inspiration from Metro design language and provides an elegant and clean user interface with intuitive features that provides a seamless Twitter experience. Build using .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), MetroTwit is one of the better designed native Windows apps and the best looking Twitter client.

The latest version brings in 140proof as the advertising provider that puts contextual ads in your Twitter stream. 140Proof, the social stream ad platform, reaches millions of digital consumers via real-time persona targeting. However, users can buy MetroTwit Plus, a one-off upgrade to remove ads and future access to the planned multiple-accounts support for professional users.

MetroTwit Plus comes for AUD$ 14.95, and can be bought via PayPal. Your MetroTwit Plus unlock code will be emailed to your PayPal email. The team clearly isn’t too hard-lined on licensing, and allows you to use the same unlock code on as many of your computers with MetroTwit installed.

While I’m a regular MetroTwit user, staying clear of the other popular AIR-based apps, I’ve really been looking forward to support for multiple accounts. I’ve alternately used web-based service Hootsuite and the other native Windows app, Seesmic, for working with the multiple accounts that I manage. The feature is a welcome addition, however, it is left to see if users are ready to pay for an app when there are several other apps with similar or more features.

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