Off-Topic: Umpires Beat India not Australia, Videos Of Umpiring Debacles

Off-Topic: Umpires Beat India not Australia, Videos Of Umpiring Debacles

Well I am big cricket fan and have always like to watch good cricket, but the 2nd test match between India and Australia was a competition between Australia the umpires vs India.

The mistakes made by the umpires clearly suggest that there is a need for using technology at this level of cricket. The ICC has to take notice and act faster than ever to curtail such mistakes that could cost a team the match and more importantly the series.

It is highly disgusting that even when the third umpire had the best use of technology he gave Andrew Symonds not out even when he was clearly out. I leave it to your imagination where the match would have gone if the umpires had given the right decisions.

Here are the videos of the controversial decisions, listen to what the commentators have to say about it.

India vs Australia 2nd Test first innings umpiring debacles.


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4 thoughts on “Off-Topic: Umpires Beat India not Australia, Videos Of Umpiring Debacles”

  1. On the lighter side : India is already going into habit of loosing the matches and when they sometimes try to win umpires come in the way… so it’s always the loose-loose situation.

    To reality : India should return back… and Technology should be given priority in decision making.

  2. @Jalaj – I think India are returning back already :).

    @Rajesh – Yups Steve Bucknor has always given bad decisions against India. He should definitely be banned.

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