Tripku Lets You Plan Trips, Get Your Friends Involved As Well

Planning for your bachelor’s trip? Sure you wanna get your best buddies with you. What if they aren’t around? Emails, Facebook you may go banging every door for notifying them in advance. Tripku makes this experience seamless. Create a trip with necessary details and your invited friends will be notified. Keep commenting on the trip and all the Tripkuers in it will stay updated.


Get started by creating a free account with Facebook login. Create a trip by selecting what type of trip it is – hiking, beach, climbing, cycling, diving, sailing, winter sports, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, road trip, wildlife, recreational, mountains and airsports. You can choose multiple types. Like the one I’m creating a road trip to Goa, where I’ll enjoy the beach, do some diving and get some adrenalin pumping water sports experience as well.


Next point the place on the map, select an amount you are willing to spend and choose the date range you are planning to make the trip. All done share the Tripku on the network. You can also make it private. Once you make the trip public you can share the trip with your friends on Facebook and invite them. There’s also an option where you can even choose what kind of company you are looking for, make choices based on gender and age.


As the trip is live other Tripkuers can jump in to join or comment on the trip. You can also join or comment on trips posted by other Tripkuers. On the downside, the service has a UI that is quite dreary in the context of the niche and the current state of UI and UX standards. Beatriz Cardona and Alice Neves Thomé are the brains behind the new startup which is a part of Startup Chile.

If you are a passionate traveler and keep wandering every once in while, Tripku is certainly a great place to hang around with fellow travelers and plan trips. This also helps you discuss itineraries from other people who has been there before or is planning to. However, if you are an occasional traveler it’s better to use the social networks you otherwise connect with your friends. On a concluding note, the new startup has a simplistic angle compared to other trip planners like TripIt but more features are expected to make it stand out. It’s still in beta hopefully things will get better with time.

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