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Pinterest is a picture-based social networking site that allows you to like and comment on pictures just as you would for posts on Facebook. It has a “Pinboard” instead of the Wall, and “friends” are people with common interests. You can “follow” these people. That is the Twitter influence for you. The “pins” or posts can be shared across to Facebook too. Pins are categorized into pictures, videos, discussions, and gifts. Very sensible if you ask me. Unlike Facebook however, everything is organized into cool blocks with an image that you can like, repin, or comment on.

It has already hit 12 million unique visitors in the U.S. which is the fastest-ever growth for a new social network site. It was almost on 2 million hits in the U.K. alone. On Facebook, most of the likes come from women, which is understandable given the site’s focus on fashion, home keeping, and the likes. It’s almost like your Good Housekeeping for free. It works as a timeline app within Facebook. Read all about it on techie-buzz.

It already has more traffic coming from referrals than Google+ and is almost on par with Twitter. This is huge. You can use this site to provide you with tons of ideas on movies, clothes, decor, food, travel, and you can use it to have a few good laughs too. I loved it on sight! But first, you need to get invited. It’s on the Google’s invitation-only model. You can request for an invite on the site.

I admit that as almost every post is by a woman, there is a decidedly feminine twist to the site. But tides do change. With a neighborhood of almost 6 million users who are quite active, this medium is worth a look. Apparently, its a good medium to job hunt as well. You can create a  board for projects that you work on, and you can pin your work on it. Other people can look at your progress and you can use it as a medium to showcase your work.

Warning, this is addictive. The visual angle that this brings has a big yes from me! It is that which differentiates this site from Facebook, Twitter, and the rest.

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