Photos Of Possible Next-Gen iPhone Case Appear

This week has been another crazy week of next-gen iPhone rumors. Yesterday, a rumored case design for the next-gen iPhone appeared revealing tapered edges and resembled pre-iPhone 4 designs. Also, the design showed a possible larger screen and a gesture area around the home button.

Green silicone iPhone 5 case

Green Silicone iPhone 5 Case

Today, 9to5Mac reports that they have received photos of an actual case based on that design. According to a report, the design has been shared with manufactures.

The new leaked case does not represent a thinner design if it is for the next-gen iPhone. and doesn’t address the rumors regarding a larger screen or gesture area due to a lack of covering on the front. It turns out that placement of hardware buttons are nearly identical to the current iPhone. However, the mute switch has been moved to the opposite side. Power and volume buttons are present, but difficult to see in the photos since the case is using small numbs of silicon to cover button. In addition, the volume buttons on the case appear more like to be the current iPod touch.

The leaked case isn’t the first design to be claimed for the next-gen iPhone, however this design does suggest a nearly identical design to the iPhone 4.


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