The Pentagon seeks protection against WikiLeaks

The Pentagon has been embarrassed  by WikiLeaks in more than one instance and it feels the immense need for a mechanism to prevent these leaks from the inside. Specifically for this purpose, the Pentagon has been working on a project by the name of Cinder that can identify the inside man who leaks information. Cinder stands for Cyber Insider Threat Program and aims to save the Pentagon from landing in awkward situations it is in right now.

Nextgov writes about the project saying,

While DARPA did not make any connection between the WikiLeaks case and Cinder, it said it wants to develop ways to detect actions on military networks and systems that could indicate someone is trying to copy classified files.

Its prime objective is protection from WikiLeaks. However, immense security measures will bring multiple people under scrutiny and will affect the workforce at the Pentagon. The security measures in place need to make sure that this matter is addressed.

The case of Bradley Manning, who transferred more than 90,000 Secret Army documents to WikiLeaks, is a serious breach of security and it needs proper access  privileges  to get hold of these files. However, if Manning had access rights, how secure will the security system be and who will have access to it?

This security measure is a necessity but I hope it is done in the right way and not like the Ubisoft DRM causing trouble for legit users.


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