PayPal Says US Department Did Not Contact Them About Wikileaks

Looks like PayPal is playing a safe game. After suffering a DDoS account on their blog by 4Chan Anon members, PayPal has now come up with a new blog post explaining on why they blocked the Wikileaks account.

The account was again reviewed last week after the U.S. Department of State publicized a letter to WikiLeaks on November 27, stating that WikiLeaks may be in possession of documents that were provided in violation of U.S. law.  PayPal was not contacted by any government organization in the U.S. or abroad. We restricted the account based on our Acceptable Use Policy review.  Ultimately, our difficult decision was based on a belief that the WikiLeaks website was encouraging sources to release classified material, which is likely a violation of law by the source.

It turns out that PayPal had also blocked the Wikileaks account back in 2008 and 2009 too because of unacceptable policies used by . PayPal had also reviewed the Wikileaks account last week after the U.S. Department of State publicized a letter to Wikileaks on November 27, however, they have clearly mentioned that no U.S. or other government representatives had contacted them earlier.

PayPal has been notorious about locking and blocking accounts without proper notices, so this might just be another ploy to pacify people about where they stand.

Back in February 2010, PayPal had stopped personal payments to and from India without properly notifying users. Many users including me were upset about that issue, you can read my sentiments about the PayPal issue back then.  Nevertheless, whether it is something PayPal did themselves or based on some Governments’ directive, the damage has already been done. Looks like Wikileaks is taking a lot of people down this time.

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