PayPal Asking PAN Card Number for Indian Accounts

PayPal has finally started allowing Indian users to send and receive payments. However, they have added a new twist to the entire saga by asking Indian users to enter their Mobile number and PAN numbers when they login to their PayPal accounts.


This morning, PayPal started greeting Indian users with a screen, which looks similar to the screenshot above, without which they are not allowing users to get into the account. Users are being asked to enter a mobile number and their PAN card number before they can access their account.

PAN card number is a Permanent Account Number in India, required for opening and operating bank accounts and which is associated with an Indian’s tax filing.

As I have stated earlier, Indian banks require users to add the PAN number when they make a deposit of Rs. 50,000 or more, this move may be to track deposits higher than the said amount, but this may not be true too, so it is best to confirm with PayPal as to why the PAN number is required.

Secondly, this could also be a compilation with an RBI notice to have compulsory PAN numbers while opening bank accounts in India.

Work Around: According to Techie Buzz writer, Pramodh, if you see the screen to enter the above details, you can skip it by clicking on the PayPal logo, this will take you directly to you account.

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