PayPal Alternatives For Indians

If you are an Indian and have been screwed by PayPal, you do not have to stick with them. There are several other ways to get your money from foreign companies without having to be a victim of their stupid policies and lack of rules in India.

To find out a different solution, you can visit this Wikipedia page which lists provides a huge list of service providers who are PayPal alternatives and also allow you to accept online payments.

In addition to these I also suggest you to take a look at and which provide an easy way to send and receive money online.

Though not all of them may work in India, these solutions are definitely 100 times better than PayPal. If you want to add to this list please feel free to comment on this post.

23 thoughts on “PayPal Alternatives For Indians”

  1. Hi Friends If You are looking for Paypal alternative than i must say Keith is right for Alertpay as the best solution available now.

    As far as i know Alertpay is Regulated under Jameson Bank in Canada.
    As i am using Alertpay for past few years & they have really good support.

    1. Rahul,

      Can AlertPay send us USD directly?
      If AlertPay pays you in INR do they issue an FIRC as proof of export?
      How do you handle deduction of service tax on the commission and annual charges (if any) paid to AlertPay?

    2. hi.i am working for a PTC site.wer i earned few dollars thru paid emails.wen i wanted to withdraw money thru Paypal i couldnt bcos of RBI restrictions.i have alertpay account too.The PTC site which is payikng has only 2Options to pay.i.e, PAYPAL and ALERTPAY.neither of them r working so what shuld i do to receive my payment?????

    1. RBI knows that people are using Paypal because more than 90% websites support Paypal. RBI and Congress Government just wants to make money from us in the form of taxes. That`s why they are trying to regulate Paypal.
      Alertpay or Western Union are not supportable on many websites that`s why our corrupt RBI & Indian Government are not trying to regulate Alertpay or Western Union.

  2. Hello Keith ! Can you please clarify a few things for me. I have a small website which sells small pdf booklets for $2 & $5 each through Paypal. My monthly income from this route is only $70-80 at best. Since this is not a substantial income, I do not transfer this amount to my bank (by requesting a Cheque ) and let the money lying in my Paypal account. Instead, I use this money to renew my domains, buying books online and, at times, purchasing some digital goods (like Anti virus software renewal, ebooks etc).

    This arrangement is quite suitable for me as it takes care of my small miscellaneous expenses. As you can notice, I am neither an exporter nor a freelancer. Since the paypal change talks about “RegardsExport-related payments for goods and services”, I am a little bit confused in understating theml as to how they are going to affect me as an end user of Paypal based in India. Will the new changes affect the above arrangement I am having (involving getting little money through Paypal and then re-spending it on minor expenses)?

  3. I want to add NeTeller to it, They already following to RBI guidelines, they ask you PAN card to sign up; They provide prepaid Credit Card(What i liked most), VCC, local bank transfer to India and more. Also it is about 10 years old.

  4. does not facilitate bank transfers to india only allows wire transfer from payee checking account to indian bank accoun…
    western union charges $10 to payee per transaction and has a limitation of 12 a year
    so do we have any other choices or is paypal like a wife who gets periods every january…

  5. A good and easy way for transferring and withdrawing money is using moneybookers.Here there is no tranfer limits for verified merchants.

  6. At there is a huge list of PayPal alternatives that can be used in India. The writer of that site actually reviews in great deal many alternatives and actually recommends which country they are best suited for! Also there is a free download there called “’s Encyclopedia of PayPal Alternatives.” I guess that’s the end all compiliation of every payment service out there as of 2011 — with detailed reviews and step-by-step instructions. Hope this helps…

  7. dear friends,
    My self Amit from India. friends i have recently join many websites for earn Money online, and my monthly earning is Approx 20,000 dollar, and I have a paypal a/c and register my bank with paypal, at the withdrawal time i see the RBI rule and restriction on Paypal,I am worried about how to withdrawal money there is restriction 500 dollar,
    plz tell me alternative ways, so i can withdrawal my all money..
    Is AlartPay also have restrictive??
    plz provide alternate where is no restriction on withdrawal.
    I am also agree to pay Tax to Indian government.

  8. We are looking for the payment gateway for online transactions for our online technical support buisiness.

    Any sujjestions for any gateway that supports thid buisiness and is comfortable with india based company.

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