Pathetic Web Hosting Services In Us and Canada

Well I am far more than fed up with my current host (Dreamhost) and wanted to move out to another host. I never thought my search would lead me to such pathetic service representatives. Here are my transcripts with few of the people I talked to from the web hosting companies.

1&1 Web Hosting Services

This one is on top because they are the one who are the worst customer support providers I encountered within 2 hours of my searching for new web hosts, and yes I contacted 6 services so you can understand how bad they are.

I was on hold for 7 minutes (don’t call them, read full transcript to know why).

Me: Hey do you have any plan where I host my website which gets about 3000 unique visits per day?

They: What do you do?

Me: I am a blogger?

They: Of well you can either go for a home plan or a business plan and those are listed on our website. (Well I called in the first place getting your number on the website dude)

Me: What is your uptime?

They: Well we are available 24/7 throughout the week???

Me: No I am talking about the service uptime for the website.

They: Well uhhhh we are available throughout the week.

Me: No say I hit a social networking site that send me huge traffic more than the 3000 I am asking per day then what happens?

They: Well uhhhh …………. cuts the line (WTF)

My Web Host Hunting Experience Says: Shoot them in the head and also send their customer service to Antarctica to sell ice. Pretty disgusting for guys who rate themselves above Yahoo in tech magazines I read. You suck and I will not believe in ads in tech magazines any more. If you are reading this then teach your reps about basic terms such as uptime and also tell them hanging up on a customer is not the right thing to do.


Was on hold for little under 2 minutes

Me: Hey do you have any plan where I host my website which gets about 3000 unique visits per day?

They: We do have a plan where the cost is $6.95 per month.

Me: What is the uptime of your service?

They: Our service is very reliable with good services (atleast he knows about uptimes)

Me: Say my site hits a social networking site that send me huge traffic more than the 3000 I am asking per day then what happens?

They: If your site (I really didn’t listen to that part but I construct he said If you site has huge hits) has huge hits we suspend your site for 5-10 minutes (WTF) and after sometime it is available again.

Me: Do you have dedicated hosting?

They: No

Me: Do you have a VPN.

They: Sorry could not get you.

Me: V P N.

They: Sorry we only offer shared hosting.

My Web Host Hunting Experience Says: Good customer support keen to listen and answer you, but lack of actual services do not allow them to release their marketing potential


Well I finally settled for MediaTemple which is about $20 bucks a month and 300% more than my earlier service provider DreamHost all is fine now that I got my hosting solution.

The most reliable customer support I have seen, the person I spoke to could answer 99% of my questions just like the 99% uptime he guaranteed me. I was really amazed by the level of technical knowledge the rep had and the chat went on to more than 30 minutes with he explaining things and me asking him questions and vice versa.

No chat here as I will tell you for $20 a month I don’t need to tell you to go for MediaTemple. As a side note if you earn atleast more then $1500 from your site go for the MediaTemple hosting it is one of the best.

Well I Did find some issues with Media Temple Technical Support here are they

I called at different times during the day and was put on hold for 7-20 minutes everytime (yes I hung on for 20 minutes)

Why it worries me is because either they are having too many problems or too less of a support staff to counter customers (I called on a holiday but nevertheless 24/7 means something). Whatever it is I just can’t keep waiting 7-20 minutes for them to respond to me everytime I call them, damn my neck will break if I do that.

Second thing is that if they are so bust attending to customers they may always be in a hurry to get rid of them like the 1&1 guy did to me.

Though I have already decided to go with MediaTemple as my hosting service can someone please direct me to someone who can atleast do things they are supposed to do including providing web hosting and GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT which is a must.

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  • I use bluehost and I it could withstand 3000+ unique visitors and I felt that too. But if you look into the quick online tips, PC says that Dreamhost is a Digg proof host. Now I’m not sure about the words!

    Then why do you need mediatemple? I guess it would be costly! I guess bluehost would do!

  • Good customer support is a rare thing simply because you’ll find every sucker who failed to get any other job lands up in customer care departments since the HRs just require them to have only good spoken english!! Its almost always a nightmare when you have to call up the customer care! Thats why for webhosts I prefer email or text-chat for any issues that I might have or for enquiries! :) Good for you that you finally found a right host for yourself!

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  • even my hosting is up for renewal next month and I have started checking on some of the hosting providers.. MT is good but is too expensive for me.. if not MT what hosting would you suggest, I am currently on Dreamhost !

  • Hi Venu, Bluehost is good enough to hold good traffic. If you have 10K unique visitors Permonth, Bluehost can with stand. If you look at my blog post ‘A journey from 0 to 23k visitors’ you would see how bluehost could support the massive traffic.

    I could suggest you bluehost.

  • I am really in favor of yahoo web hosting . They provide some great features . I have tried another web hosting also . But personally yahoo web hosting works best for me . I have also created one lens on yahoo web hosting . Hey , by the way , nice blog my friend .

  • I use and found and have had no trouble for a couple of years so maybe they are worth a try.

  • I’d recommend any day. They have amazing (text) chat support with practically no delay, and that’s the same for customers or would-be customers. They’re very knowledgeable, and actually gave me a tip to modify a system file so that I could import stuff to my blog at Doreo (at Dreamhost before that), set things up etc. before switching name servers.

    Very responsible, and they post uptimes on their blog (was 100 % for all but one of their servers, and 99.7+ % for that unfortunate server).

    • Keith Dsouza

      Thanks for the mention Sumesh I will definitely check out the numbers look pretty good to me.