Panasonic Launching 3D TVs Tomorrow, Would You Buy One?

3d TV3 Dimensional Televisions have created quite a hype in past few months. Everybody is talking about them and finally they are hitting the stores this week, at least in the US. Panasonic is collaborating with Best Buy to launch the first breed of 3D TVs as early as tomorrow. CrunchGear reports that at least 300 Best Buy stores will create special 3D Television sections to promote these units.

The prices are of course quite elevated initially, for example, a 50 inch TV would sell for $2500 with an extra $500 for a bundle of accessories including the BlueRay player and the 3D glasses.  Initially, the TVs would not have any web access. Panasonic, who is the first manufacturer to launch 3D TVs in the US, is trying to recapture some market share in the overall television market from Samsung. Samsung is currently the number one selling brand with a 20% share of the global television market.

Do you think 3D TVs will live up to the hype or would they be the iPad of the TV industry? More importantly, would you spend a few hundred dollars more to buy a 3D TV. I can see people using it for special movies and such but you wouldn’t want to watch a football game wearing 3D glasses?

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  • james braselton

    hi there your wrong not all 3d tvs reqier 3d glasses go too and search for 37 inch stream tv 3d no glasses or 42 inch 3d stream tv no glasses $4,000 for 37 inch no glasses and $6,000 for 42 inch also has intenet app store and yes a 500 gb hdd pvr tivo dvr built in and xyz tvs have 19 inch 3d tvs no glasses up too 72 inch 3d no glasses tv as well soo the idear you have too buy glasses with tv is non sence go a head buy 3d tv with glasses but i will have more fun watching 3d content with out 3D glasses infact i already made my christmax list up i am getting the 37 inch 3d stream tv with out glasses is the main christmax list soo 3D tv 3D gaming wont reqier glasses there screen are paralax beriers technologies as the nintendo 3DS soo basacly geting a 37 inch 3DS but 8 veiwing angles up too 150 cm or 4 inches 3D the 37 inch will fit in too the cabnite wich is holding a 32 inch crt with is non energy eficent big and consumes hole lot of power and 2D as well no 3D and comacst has like 12 3d channels vs direct tv at 3 3D tv channels soo comcast has more tv channels more HD channels and more 3D tv channels the direct tv soo haveing 3D tvs with out glasses is a big win