Pakistanis Launch Muslim Facebook Called Millat Facebook

The Pakistani Facebook controversy over the Draw A Mohammad Day page has taken a new twist with some Pakistani developers launching a new site to rival . The site called Millat Facebook ( and is created to cater to 1.57 billion Muslims around the world.

The about page of the site says this about Millatfacebook:

Millatfacebook is Pakistan’s very own, first social networking site. A site for Muslims by Muslims where sweet people of other religions are also welcome!!

The site goes on to tell how Facebook has not been listening to complaints and how it is making almost 50% of revenue from Muslim Facebook users.

Earlier this month a Pakistan court had banned access to Facebook due to the Draw A Mohammad Day page, the ban in question will remain in effect till May 31, 2010.

The Millatfacebook or MFB developers are working to add more features to the site to make it similar to those of Facebook. There are several similar features right now including Wall, Friends and more.

As per reports the site already has over 4,300 users in the page few days, most of them are Pakistanis. This number may grow further considering that Pakistani Facebook users are on the lookout to catch up with their Facebook friends and aren’t able to do so.

Don’t expect the same Facebook experience on MFB yet, it still has a long way to match the standards of Facebook, this is also reflected by several current users of the site.


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  • muhammad ehtisham 4r

    i love them who have taken this step..this is a v nice step n i hope it is not end INSHAALLAH we will launch our search engine n every that thing which will compete the west…pakistan is a great country n fort of islam…..i love pakistan…..i love our prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD S.A.W….i appeal to all muslims plz deactive ur account 4rm fb n join the millat face book or pak face book,, try it i hope u will enjoy it….

  • Noor Anwar

    Congratulations to all world wide Muslims for Millat Facebook. I being a muslim appriciate for this step

    because dirty Face book ………………………..

    No comments at all

    They are all wants one more like 9-11 or more @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  • Adam Syamsul Ma&#039

    congratulation for you muslim in Pakistan, having your own facebook… are muslim in the other country can join it?

    • Sure brother it is for muslims of all countries

  • Sohail Hasan Khan

    just check Millatfacebook.. its not opening.. write how to login and create a account

  • Sohail Hasan Khan

    just check Millatfacebook.. its not opening..

  • nur

    is it sure that this millatfacebook not connected o [email protected]???

  • roxane

    Congratulations to the Millat Facebook Administration.These drops of effort will surely lead to the making of huge ocean insha Allah.

  • Jack Rollins

    MillatFacebook just shows how intolerant Islam is of the rest of the world.

    Islam cannot regulate freedom of speech on original Facebook (which is NOT religious), so it has to create a religious Facebook which it can regulate.

    It is doomed to fail and will never be as complete, global or as freedom for expression as Facebook. Good luck with your site, I hope it works, but I like being free to say whatever I like and anyone who enjoys freedom of expression will never join that site. :)

    • Most of people are accusing us for making copy of let us clear our point of view we have created this site as a warning to all those websites who would be encouraged after this step of and not for any financial benefit and every individual who love Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) more than facebook and anything else can easily understand that if we had intentions to earn money and capture the market then we would definitely built entirely different website like all other emerging social websites especially those who are criticizing us for making copy . If we can make a copy of then we can also make a new social website as making any website is not a problem for us we have been doing this for the last 10 years as website developers but that would not be warning to We have developed as a threat to and we would make it a permanent threat by the support of all muslims and also sensitive non muslims around the world because if such websites can violate their terms and condition by hurting muslims then these can also hurt non muslims for making money and encouraging others to do so just for promoting hatred among followers of different religions. How can we let them do whatever they want to do? Do we not have technology or courage to give them that response which would apparent to the world? If someone thinks that they are innocent then our question is that Why a group criticizing Holocaust is immediately removed by facebook by saying that this is hurting jews? why they don’t remove that particular group Everybody Draw Muhammad Day and upcoming group Show Muhammad Day made by so called bunch of guys which is hurting all the muslims the that is the largest community in the world? Let us inform all of you that a Global Holocaust Deniers Bill ( was passed that would enable Israel to demand the extradition of Holocaust-deniers for prosecution from all over the world? They are so unite that they have passed that bill for the denier of Holocaust which is even not a part of their religion and on the other side where we are ? We are silent upon their attack on our beloved prophet(pbuh) love with whom is the most important part of our emaan and are still giving justifications for Shatam-e-Rasool facebook innocence. We are still reluctant to accept the truth and willing to encourage and give them more revenue for supporting such kinds of acts. Why Allah should help Muslim Ummah if we are not sincere to our religion and do not fit in the definition of momin as Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said that “None of you becomes a Momin until I am dearer to him than his children, his parents and all mankind” Our current condition demands us that we should ask some simple questions from our self that
      1. Why are we doing this?
      2. Do we really love our Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) more than any thing else?
      3. Does Allah(swt) is not sufficient for us as believers as it is mentioned in Quran that Believers should say that Allah(swt) is sufficient for us He is Our Mola and He is our Helper?
      4. Why we are begging for almost every thing from the open enemies of islam and muslim besides having all resources and technology?
      5. What are we waiting for? Are we waiting for direct attack on Khana Kaba by our enemies
      to get up?
      6. Do we really believe on the ayah of Quran which says “ O Believer! Don’t make friendship with those who are enemy of Allah(swt), His Rasool(pbuh) and muslims “

      These are those questions which we have to ponder upon. We should work upon our weaknesses if we want dignity and honor in this world and hereafter as with these weaknesses in emaan we cant be able to get rise once again. We have to take a initiative and keep in mind that Allah help those who help themselves. This site is a initiative and we muslims are Inshallah not going to stop this time

  • praba

    do u think that your community is the best forever whole over the world, that's why i think most security cameras are now introducing to watch yr community activity whole over the world. thnk u for yr creativity.

  • asif

    Offfffff, wtf..

    I am really disappointed..poor coding standards and layout is just pathetic..

    MFB team sorry, but you have done a very poor job..too many pages are not created yet and and every page takes too much time to load..

    Stand nowhere in front of facebook…

  • hisbullah

    man..what are you all arguing about..who cares if it pakistan or india..muslims are muslims man,,..we are brothers..and i'm a malaysian..physically different to start with but it is our religion that bind us..and what if the MFB is the same as the FB..all i know is i want to support my brothers religion..ISLAM..i don't want to kill my time using a zionist-supported FB..n the name of the site isn't worth to argue about among ourselves…(although it would be better if the FB name is remove from MFB..juz in my opinion.. :D

    …btw..can somebody tell me how to join MFB coz i somehow fail to find it..


  • adhil kamal

    iam welcome this new turn of facebook evolution.mashaallah

  • I think this a threat to Facebook. This website is just a teaser. Pakistani's will soon be developing the biggest social network in the world inshallah.

    • @ Tech Fever- well, i don't think this is any kind of threat to already established original ideas like facebook. And remember, one can only steal someone's idea but not his brain. I think you've understood what i am trying to say. To prove your presence and talent to the world, you guyz need some original ideas.

      You are counting ur statistics and comparing with original facebook's statistics which is totally a stupid thing to do coz that was a real idea and you made your such statistics not on your own but by taking the support of facebook's name and you all also know this…

      I just want to say that you should come up with some real ideas to prove your talent and i wish you guyz luck for that…

  • sana

    good work

  • mazher fareed

    it is nice to see one who is very interest in muslim feeling. keep it up.

  • Faruq Omur

    I think this the great alternative for Muslim Ummah.

  • Junaid

    Congratulations to all my muslim brothers and sisters.I am very happy that our community can give befitting reply to those who insults our belief by advance technology aswell. We muslims need to be more techie, need to learn advanced technologies and implement them. I wish all muslims to activiely participate in all major advance tech courses.

  • Ali Rishab

    It is needed to have challengeble and alternative facebook for specialliy muslims in order to boycot the meadia prodcuts of the anti- islamists.

  • J. Khan

    Good Effort. Allah Bless you all who have taken this very important and really in need initiative…

    Shukriya and Allah bless you all (MFB Team)




  • Imran

    Well Ahmed brother.. He is right.. Although the attempt is worth applauding for but its made using phpFOX.. very easy.. Just install and you are ready to go.. Dont believe me.. See for yourself.

  • Hum

    i am not able to login on millatfacebook,please help me.

  • sana

    its a great idea taken by muslims nobody think this before it to make a social network for muslims.

  • Ahmed

    Assalaam O Aalikium, Very very good and i appreciated all the people who are giving there support to ……. we are all people from hyderabad – india with you millatfacebook, Pakistan ZINDABAAD…….millatfacebook ZINDABAAD

  • Express Tribune – Controlled by its Jewish Partners? An open email by a MFB member

    Following is an email received from a Millat Facebook member, which got us quite surprised. It is reproduced below in the interests of public awareness, without any modifications. What do you think about this, are they really controlled by Jews or is it just their unprofessionalism?.

    (NB: Express Tribune is a Herald affiliated, foreign funded, online Pakistan based newspaper that is the only newspaper to be involved in extreme one-sided anti-MFB bashing based on various regularly changing pretexts without ever contacting us thereby ignoring the journalistic ethics).


    Express Tribune (Pak) is controlled by Mr. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger. Jr. the Jewish owner of its partner Herald Tribune

    Dear Mr. Meer,

    Congratulations to you and your team on a positive and great effort. Though initially I had some reservations with a pro-Islamic social network, I’m now very much clear that this is a positive step by Muslims and would foster decency and greater understandings between religions.

    MFB is a great effort by any standard considering it’s still in infancy. Having followed the progress of MFB very closely I was very surprised by the constant MFB bashing by Express Tribune. This led me to do some research of my own. I found some very interesting facts which may be of interest to you and MFB members.

    * I found out that Express Tribune is affiliated with the International Herald Tribune,
    * which is part of the NewYork Times Company,
    * whose CEO is Mr. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger. Jr. who is a Jew.
    * Now I’m not suggesting anything least the Neo-Cons would come out bashing me with anti-Semitism. However the links are clear.
    * A Jewish owned company (NY Times) is helping another Jewish owned company (facebook) through its affiliated venture (Express Tribune) by putting aside all journalistic ethics.
    * Also I don’t understand why Mr. Arthur wants to hide his Jewish identity by claiming he is Evangelical, is there something more than meets the eye.

    And this is no conspiracy theory. Please see below for all the links to the authentic and genuine sources:

    * The Express Tribune is a Pakistani English-language daily newspaper established in 2010 that is partnered with the International Herald Tribune.


    * The IHT (International Herald Tribune) is part of The New York Times Company.


    * Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. has served as Chairman of the Board since 1997. he Class B shares provide a mechanism by which the descendants of Adolph Ochs, who purchased the New York Times newspaper in 1896, maintain control of the company by holding nearly 90 percent of this “special class of stock.”


    * Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. CEO, Present Publisher NY Times Co is a Jew.


    And though not a Muslim myself I feel Express Tribune (an affiliate of the renowned International Herald Tribune) has been highly unprofessional in trying to criticise MFB without any basis and even a basic research.


    J Mathews