Pakistanis Launch Muslim Facebook Called Millat Facebook

The Pakistani Facebook controversy over the Draw A Mohammad Day page has taken a new twist with some Pakistani developers launching a new site to rival . The site called Millat Facebook ( and is created to cater to 1.57 billion Muslims around the world.

The about page of the site says this about Millatfacebook:

Millatfacebook is Pakistan’s very own, first social networking site. A site for Muslims by Muslims where sweet people of other religions are also welcome!!

The site goes on to tell how Facebook has not been listening to complaints and how it is making almost 50% of revenue from Muslim Facebook users.

Earlier this month a Pakistan court had banned access to Facebook due to the Draw A Mohammad Day page, the ban in question will remain in effect till May 31, 2010.

The Millatfacebook or MFB developers are working to add more features to the site to make it similar to those of Facebook. There are several similar features right now including Wall, Friends and more.

As per reports the site already has over 4,300 users in the page few days, most of them are Pakistanis. This number may grow further considering that Pakistani Facebook users are on the lookout to catch up with their Facebook friends and aren’t able to do so.

Don’t expect the same Facebook experience on MFB yet, it still has a long way to match the standards of Facebook, this is also reflected by several current users of the site.


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  • Lets see what it will worth

  • it's a good solution for moslem

  • nice.. i think i wanna join that website

  • sohail khan

    Congratulations Pakistani boys and Pakistani Muslims, I really appreciate your effort and will request to all of my friends to join this social site, which is purely our own.

  • Ahmed

    I just check Millatfacebook.. its not opening.. Also i try to use it via it redirect me to website. did they change the name and redirecting all users to ? bcox its same social network if they did it than its good that they remove Facebook word!! and i like the new look of millatfacebook on feboz .

    • Well I can access the site and joined also added some friends. You can try again !

  • MA Razzaque

    LOL. You can not expect other countries' Muslims by such silly site. And I believe not all Pakis will join this site. You Pakis showed your calibre..lolzzzzzzzz.

  • Jehad

    Assalamu alaikom…

    Good job people…

    May GOD bless you all and bless your work…

    Ahead and for more advancement….inshaallah

  • basil

    well when it will be avialable?

    • Already lakh ppl joined and I joined too !

  • waqas

    more than 86000 people joined MFB. thats gr8 and a slap on fb's face..

    • 1L in MFB, vs 400 Million+ ( ~ 4000 lakh). A great slap indeed.

      • Noumaan Siddiq

        sathya….i think you dont know….facts & figures…

        FaceBook….was started in 2004….right…

        initially when Mark Zukerberg started….he only had 3000 people in the first month they were from his university Harvard…

        dont you see the huge difference….the Millat Face Book was launched on 25th May,2010 & uptill today 05-06-2010….they have crossed 200,000+ and growing exponentially…

        & it's getting popular not only in Pakistan…but as far as indonesia, morrocco, india, bangladesh,malaysia,canada,uk….& the list goes on & on…

        • When facebook was introduced

          (1) It was meant only for Harvard folks, and later expanded to others

          (2) Social networking was a niche

          (3) Facebook did NOT use/leverage on some other popular social network's brand image to get a jump

          (4) [citation needed] on they have crossed 200,000+ and growing exponentially…

          (5) Please come up with facebook's stats and then see if its really "a great slap".

          (Btw: Its Mark Zuckerberg).

        • Zanna Jay

          Yes…its a huge difference just because Millat Facebook use the popularity of original Facebook own by Mark Zuckerberg..:)..please realize that

      • lol Sathya what a ridiculous argument. mfb admins like all muslims asked fb to follow its own policies when they didn't it was an alternate.

        And it is more difficult to break into a market with a huge giant like fb so MFB infact has done a great job (guess this is a real slap ;)

        get a life dude

  • Mohammad wasim

    Assalam-o-alaikum, Its a good effort, and inform your more friends as more as possible, and pray for our useless islamic rulers may ALLAH show them right way and they take a strong action on it.Aameen

    May ALLAH show us right way and help us to sort out such issues, and in my views its right time to struggle against such acts.

  • Affi

    Yeah , its a good start from muslim brothers , inshaAllah we will do more , alhamdulillah have joined the network ..

  • Affi

    currently they are working on it , same like facebook was before , so they need some time to make it more easier for us ,, plz guys wait , and give them their time , they are doin their best to make it best to bestest .. thank you all

  • What the hell is this millatfacebook…

    Why u guys are feeling proud of this site. It's totally copy of facebook. I totally condemns this site. Copy/Pastors never succeeds

    • correct

      lots of scrolling and i found some sensible post.

      • kashif

        agreed with correct,

        thanks qasim…

    • Muhammad

      let me tell u "ITS NOT A COPY OF FACEBOOK"…infact it has more additional features like video chatting….n they r still working on it 2 make it best n mfb has gained popularity and has got many members in few days,by the grace of Allah Almighty as compared to fb (when it was launched)

      • Mehnaz Tamkinath

        u r right…………..:)

    • Zanna Jay

      well..if its not copy…please dont use "Facebook" name on "Millat Facebook". Please have your own trademark. Facebook is very common to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook company…

      • it is and this domain was available so it is NO COPYRIGHT.

        The reason for having the word facebook in the name is

        Why call it “Facebook”?

        Good question. Actually it is called Millatfacebook and that’s because just like a picture conveys more than a thousand words, it conveys, without speaking a single word what we are about which is: “the rival and alternate Facebook created by Muslims for all the decent people of all faiths to come together and interact in a socially responsible and considerate manner.”

        And we are not against Facebook name but the hate-mongering, Islamophobic and anti-humane policies of the Facebook administration.

  • its good thing for pakistan

  • Mildly Amused

    What blatant copyright infringement.

    They didn't even make their own interface but copied it from Facebook!

    Are Pakistanis incapable of creativity?

    It won't be long before Facebook sue.

    • First of all it is not a copy and secondly let FB sue :P

      The colour scheme, the fonts resemble Facebook…why?

      The theme is certainly different, the logos and colour scheme are unique. There are many different, additional and better features. However, there may be a similar feel due to some common basics all social networking platforms have. It’s just like asking Toyota or BMW why they have an accelerator or gear box when Mercedes have them. Well, these are the basic essentials but their designs, models and basically the products are different.

  • Arslan Hafeez

    Agar hum esi traha sab chezon ko chor dein tu sy kitna acha hoga.


  • shahid


    i am at MFB i want to say that make this networking for whole world not only for muslims invite others and become their friends it will present the good image and we can spread our massege to whole world. i would like to say congrats for MFB team. Best of luck

  • Sohail Hasan Khan

    Congratulations Pakistani boys and Pakistani Muslims,it is very good idea for substitute communal network,I really appreciate your effort and will request to all of my friends to join this social site, which is purely our own.amd musilms

  • SONI



    good work KEEP IT UP :-)

  • Talha Khan

    Pakis Rock!!! Marhaba…

  • Ahmad Khan Fsd


    Sub Muslims ko mubarik ho. yeh achi koshish ha. In future yeh kam tezi say ho.


    Allah Hafiz

  • Dr MuhammadAsif Qure

    I think its good to continue using this face book.

  • Kazam Khan

    Cngr8s Pak! this z a gr8 gr8 efrt aginst zoinest propaganda & now this z the tym 2 shw ourslf 2 him. May Allah bless all da team. GOOD LUCK

  • rida zafar

    awesome this is really a nice thing i will join this because i love MUHAMMAD

  • rida zafar

    awesome this is really nice and good,i will really join this because i love MUHAMMAD PBUH

    • you r right this is very nice and good