Pakistanis Launch Muslim Facebook Called Millat Facebook

The Pakistani Facebook controversy over the Draw A Mohammad Day page has taken a new twist with some Pakistani developers launching a new site to rival . The site called Millat Facebook ( and is created to cater to 1.57 billion Muslims around the world.

The about page of the site says this about Millatfacebook:

Millatfacebook is Pakistan’s very own, first social networking site. A site for Muslims by Muslims where sweet people of other religions are also welcome!!

The site goes on to tell how Facebook has not been listening to complaints and how it is making almost 50% of revenue from Muslim Facebook users.

Earlier this month a Pakistan court had banned access to Facebook due to the Draw A Mohammad Day page, the ban in question will remain in effect till May 31, 2010.

The Millatfacebook or MFB developers are working to add more features to the site to make it similar to those of Facebook. There are several similar features right now including Wall, Friends and more.

As per reports the site already has over 4,300 users in the page few days, most of them are Pakistanis. This number may grow further considering that Pakistani Facebook users are on the lookout to catch up with their Facebook friends and aren’t able to do so.

Don’t expect the same Facebook experience on MFB yet, it still has a long way to match the standards of Facebook, this is also reflected by several current users of the site.


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  • Tahir

    great effort

    • Hafiz Muhammad Abbas

      appreciate you

    • There's barely any effort. The site runs on phpFox, and the theme is Foxbook, again available freely

      • Ahmad Shah

        so mr.Sathya i want u to make a 1 for me…will u??
        if u really think its an easy task, grow up man try to appreciate!

        • Logic-is-king

          is this the effort the so-called Pakistani it experts are touting….. buying a 100 dollar LAMP based social networking script….hosting it on a 50 dollar web server account….the only contribution is perhaps doing some clever CSS/ image tweaking to ape the facebook template

          ….yawn..the whole effort will probably take 2 hours for a engineer in India/ West…….and then they claiming a technological breakthrough

          I can understand the taliban/jihadist….since you cant accuse a snake of being a snake …. but in which world are the educate elite of Pakistan living in.

        • logic i smell something burning ok than ask your indian champs to make one for me lets see :P

        • ayesha

          As all of us know that Facebook held competitions for drawing caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, Burn Quran day and many more

          Muslims around the world made Thousands of complaints against these virtual events BUT FaceBook administration did not deleted/ banned these pages and groups.

          In comparison to what they usually do even for very minor violation of Facebook Terms of Services or any posting against Jews.

          Millatfacebook is Pakistan’s very own, first social networking site.
          A site for Muslims by Muslims where sweet & peaceful people of other religions are also welcome so come and join hand in hand.

          Lets encourage this brave step and promote Unity of Muslim Ummah/Millat which is a need of hour
          As nothing could happen neither on earth nor in heavens without His will just to test the Emaan of muslims as He says in sora Mulk Ayah no 1 and 2. that,
          1) Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things.

          2) Who has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is best in deed. And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving

          Now our test is to leave Facebook and join MFB , the Muslim’s very own social networking site. Go ahead and read about it on Wikipedia:

          May Allah Shows right path to all of us and bless us with His countless blessings lets join


  • Roronoa Zoro

    nice.. i think i wanna join that website..

  • asalam,bohat achi koshish hay.aur es ki bohat zarot thi.great effort

  • Jis nein (millatfacebook) banai hay Allah Tahala Unnein aur hamat daiy es ko behtar bananay ki.Muje bari khushi hoi hay millatfacebook ka sunn kar.

  • jis nein Millatfacebook banai hay ap sab bohat bohat mubarak ke mustahik hein.bohat naik kaam kia hay Allah aap ko es ka behtareen Ajjar dain (AMEEN)

  • I will be the 1st member of this very good cause. . .

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    It,s so good and nice for muslims.

  • Shoaib

    Hi MBF team

    I am from australia guys

    blv me or not u have done a great job

    realy appreciative

    Allah bles you


    Shoaib Iqbal

  • Hafiz Muhammad Abbas

    Aslamoalaikum as Muslim you all are highly appreciated. You have done a great effort. It's really very nice.

    I offer you that you can contact with me if you need any assistance from me in this regard. I will feel pleasure.

    H.M.Abbas Khan

  • mubasharbutt

    i Think, this is a goog effort



  • sohail alam

    i want a join millat facebook

  • Ibrahim

    Millat facebook has also been restricted, not working on my PC, so little efforts being put by some people have gone to waste. Right?

  • salam,.thanks because you do something better way to muslim..don't give up and always remember innallaha ma'ana

  • Ramesh

    Congratulations Pakis. You Pakistani Muslims, dont expect other Indian & other countries Muslims will join your "High tech Cyber Ghetto". Only ghetto mentality people will appreciate & join your grouping. Surely we all want such people filtered out of Facebook & all global networking sites. Have some original name like (Quida = Book) or (Chehra = Face)

    You Pakistanis you have your name also combination of Arabic & Sanskrit word, Pak = Pure & Stan (Sthan = Land in Sanskrit).

    No originality. Yiu are just nothing.

    MillatFB- First Global Islamic Cyber Slum Ghetto — Made by Pakis

    • SR

      ooooh…i smell something BURNING

    • Noumaan Siddiq


      why such an arrogance…..

      i invite you to join the ghetto….

      where there are no insults, no foul language, where there are no double standards in the pretext of freedom of expression…

      another comment…..the hindi which you guys speak is actually urdu….the old version had sanskrit in it…..where a simple layman could not understand….today what is spoken in the subcontinent, is primarily urdu…& not hindi….i agree, as this language was a mixture of arabic, persian,turkish, sanskrit, english etc. etc……yes….you would have certain common words…

      kudos to the guys who made the millat facebook…


      Abu Talha

      • Pak ka baap

        where you have read this nonsense in millatwikipedia ??? lol

    • Saggi

      Mr. Ramesh, this new FB site made is to filtrate extremist people of any faith & you surely fall into that category.

      Please refrain from provoking people unnecessarily.

      We all know who we are, where we have come from, what our problems are & how to solve them, it has been 6 decades atleast stop spewing the same venom now.

      Im sure you can do better if you look into the problems of the people around you rather than scratching others wounds & enjoying.

      May God bless you & give you needed wisdom.


    • qamar

      oki Ramesh. i will highly appreciate u that if u stop being a stupid. in my entire life i have Indian and Hindu friends, they are way better then you, why u think local, start thinking globally. Cursing Pakistanis is not goona make u happy or feel proud. every society have some bad peoples, and i accept that we have some bad people too. Wat abut India? wat will u say about Gujarat riots? how is responsible for that? i know u goona talk about the parliament attacks and taj inida attacks, i strongly condemned that. it comes to me i will hang those people in streets. Killing of a innocent person is not allowed in any religion.

      As far as concerned about Millat facebook, i am oki with that, world is like a global village now, i told u we need to think globally, not locally, and till now i have not joined that website but i will, and if that website promote violence and terrorism, then i am telling u dude it will not be any more.

      • Pak ka baap

        We have never invaded any country or sent missionaries to convert people. Missionaries from Europe and Mullahs from Arabia are doing that in India.

        Morethan 5 lakh were massacred thrown out and beaten out of Kashmir by Muslims not more than 20 years ago and you blame Hindus for Gujarat Riots. Can you tell me what started Gujarat riots? Godhra Train Burning! Who asked Muslims to burn a train full of Hindu pilgrims?

        What do you think would have been reaction from Muslim countries had Hindus done this in ANY of their countries against Haj pilgrims? No Hindu would be alive after that. And you know it well. Before talking nonsense against Hindus, go and see what’s going on in religion-based countries around the world and how Hindus are allowed to stay there with what restrictions.

        India is the MOST RELIGIOUSLY TOLERANT COUNTRY ON EARTH. So don’t talk nonsense against Hindus. We are well aware what MISSIONARIES are doing in Hindu Adivasi communities with European money. When you first draw blood, don’t expect secularism from us.

        From the times of Ghaznavi to now, we have only tolerated foreign religions. If this was CHRISTIAN GREECE OR ISLAMIC ARABIA, NO MINORITY WOULD HAVE SURVIVED.

        SO MIND YOUR LANGUAGE before blaming Hindus.

        • M Majid

          My dear Rmesh
          First of all I pray for you to find the truth. The truth that is profitable for you in your present life and after the death. Secondly if your statement is true, I tell you firmly and faithfully that if any Muslim has killed or even teased any innocent human regardless of any religion, he has committed a big sin. It is totally against Islam. As per Islam, killing of an innocent human is same as killing of whole human being. And no doubt he would be punished by Almighty Allah (Bhaghwan in your faith) in hereafter. I accept some of us (Muslims) instead of following Islam, trying Islam to follow them. Some of us are using Islam (the liberator of human being) for our own interests against the teaching of Islam. We are blamed and living in miserable condition in all over the world only due to not following Islam. Upon this European propaganda against Islam is on the top at the moment. I believe it is some sort of punishment on us sentenced by Allah due to our outlying from the teaching of Islam. And this will remain happened until we come back on the right path. At that time peace and prosperity would be prevailing all over the world. This is not only ours but also Christians and Jews belief. That’s why they have started cold war against Islam to weaken it. I would like to share one Jew talking with one of my friend. He said “we (Jews) know that we will not be able to defeat you when your gathering in the mosques in morning prayers would be the same as in “Jummah prayers” at that time you will overcome us.
          Islam doesn’t have any agenda against any religion even Islam teaches to respect other religions. And as per your statement “India is the most religiously tolerated country on earth”. Then I can’t understand why we (Hindus & Muslims) are against each other?
          My dear, as for as sending of missionaries is concerned, I think every religion should have freedom to express their thoughts but only on truth and logical bases. Then spectators must have freedom to choose the truth.
          Now my dear brother, I will not mention anything but you must accept with open heart the weaknesses, aggressiveness and invading is being felt in some of your people.
          My dear let us respect each other instead of blaming and start building of a strong base of International Brotherhood.
          In the last, I request you not to study Muslims but Islam. The Islam that is explained by the Muslim Scholars in the light of QURAN and sayings of THE HOLY PROPHET (PBUH). If you find it covering the complete way of life with love, honor, dignity, peace, prosperity and international brotherhood, accept it otherwise through it.
          With best regards,
          Your well-wisher,
          Mohammad Fayyaz

    • Well in indian bengali culture there is a proberb like that "Manushe manush chineh ar soore chineh ghechu" Like in english "Man knows man and pig know dirt"

  • Waseem Farooq

    This is an excellent effort by Muslims. I really appreciate your effort and will request to all of my friends to join this social site, which is purely our own.

    Well done and keep going.

  • waqar ahmed

    Excellent work against the anti Islam elements so think more about how we r upgrade the tradition of Islam and do more for those peoples who's love each others, no restrictions for any one any religion first of all we are human. Salam to team Millat Facebook well done and keep it up.

  • shaida

    exellent effort have fresh ideas & keep it neat & clean.every one should be welcomed from all the continents.

  • muhammad ehtisham

    pakistan is the greatest………i am proud of that..this is very nice step n i hope it is not end we will launch our very heavy search engine n shall compete the whole world…….i love MUHAMMAD S.A.W n facebook is nothing before MUHAMMAD S.A.W,S dignity…i damn care…

    • muhammad ehtisham 4r

      actuly hailians

      r great….n future of pakistan INSHAALLAH

  • Zanna Jay

    i just wondering about Millat it something like copyright from this current Facebook which was created by Mark Zuckerberg?? If yes, they shouldn't do that..they should have their own trademark..

  • Azardeen


    You have done great job wish u all the best.

  • Mohammed Majid

    Assalam-u- Alaikum, to all mfb users, its a great effort by muslims i appreciate n pray allah for MFB success in future n i thanks those people who putet their best efforts to help our community, this is the answer to Kuffar

  • I think it is a nice idea to have alternative social site for the muslim people.

    Facebook is a western social contact and sometimes very discriminatory to the others. Also most of the people in Facebook are somehow criminal nature often assault or attack innocent people.

    So I appreciate your effort and hope you can generate nice social contact. Thank you !

  • Syed Ziad now automatically redirects to original

    What does it mean ?

  • Imran Aslam Rana

    buhat hee zabardast ur buhat hee aallaa……….