Pakistanis Hack Indian CBI Government Site

Barely a week after the Indian Cyber Army hacked 35 Pakistani Government sites, the Pakistani Cyber Army has hit back by hacking the CBI site of Indian Government at

India CBI Website Hacked

The CBI is the Central Bureau of Investigations for India and is one of the biggest crime investigation organization in the country. This hack is definitely a slap in the face for Indians. The Pakistan Cyber Army has left a message saying that this attack was a response to the “Indian Cyber Army”. It is a known fact that the Indian and Pakistani governments are at loggerheads, but this is taking the war to digital levels now.

The message left on the CBI site is as follows:

Oooopssss! WTF? CBI? Cyber Crime? Hacked? hahaha funny aint it! :P

This attempt is in response to the pakistani websites hacked by Indian Cyber Army’. We told you before too ..we are sleeping but not dead..remember PCA(pakistan cyber army)!..back off kids or we will smoke your d00rs off like we did before..lets see what you investigating agency so called CBI can do for you or for us! haha…one more attempt from your side..we got your every website lying around here like its our local server! we would like to say to your 31337 hackers and your 31337 NIC team..go and read some more books guys are seriously bunch of script_kiddies! know nothing rite r00t access to NTC server? wtf..mass about something like this..a planned attack! haha..btw we got r00t to your NIC too :P ..your filtering sucks..have fun! and DO NOT DISTURB..we got better things to do.. :D ..stop complaining about pakistani websites your own ass first..thats what intelligent people do!…tata :D

A message by Pakistan Cyber Army

Pakistan Zindabad!

Update: In addition to the CBI website, the PCA has hacked an additional 270 websites, the whole list is available here None of them look like important though, am going through the list to see who else has been hacked.

Update 2: Some political websites also seem to be the target of the attack, one of them is the Bharatvanshi Janta Party

14 thoughts on “Pakistanis Hack Indian CBI Government Site”

  1. you guys are right ….. but Indian Cyber Army started it… so i mean its only fair that Pak. Cyber Army replied back a bit stronger though!! but still their actions are justified!!!

    1. dear Bapun,
      before the partition we live in india AMBALA,AGRA.we are the same people and have same traditions and customs but our religions are not same.My ancestors are rajputs and they are hindus.we only want to prove that we are not behind you in any field of life and if you want some come get some.

      1. Ahsan, that was not to offend you (Pakis). I was pointing at the people who were behind the hacking only.

        A person like you should understand that the act by ICA (Indian Cyber Army) at least makes some sense. The note by the ICA was showing homage to the people who lost their lives because of Pakistanis on 26/11.

        But look at the reasons stated by the PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army).. full of foul languages… It seemed like they were just trying to shout and tell the Indians that they know how to misuse the internet.

        Anways.. I don’t want to get into an ugly fight. For me, all religions are same and I love to have biriyani at my muslim friends homes on Idd.

        Peace :-)

  2. Indians have the tendency to always play innocent first its all Happy Go Lucky when they do it all of a sudden now Pakistan shouldn’t have done it.. They’re like a kids who cant get along with anyone… Its no different when they decided to test the NUKES that Pak had to Test them too.. so frankly I feel that Pak Cyber Army did what they should have and Pakistan Zindabad

  3. Hi,

    Nice coverage of the story. This will help common man using mastercard and visa to be alert. I am a Security Expert with world records and a lot o f achievements. I challenge that our government is not secure as far as it concerns to IT Security. I would like to contribute my knowledge with government if I get an opportunity to work with the government of india. I challenge that I can prove my skills by doing a penetration testing alone myself by hacking NOT ONE, BUT all internet banking websites, online reseravation(airlines and also railways), online payment gateways, online trading, online shopping, government websites, all india police and military websites also. If government gives me legal permissions to do this experiment, then I can prove my skills and abilities by doing penetration testing(i.e. ethical hacking) on all above mentioned websites in a single attempt. After penetration testing, I can also provide them the vulnerability assessment reports as well as solutions and required training to the government’s concerned officers responsible for handling the cyber security crime in India. If anyone needs my help, then please feel free to contact me on [email protected]

    It’s an open challenge from my side, but in a legal manner and in co-operation with government. This comment should not be intentionally or unintentionally misunderstood as a crime in anyway. This is a comment in national interest and public interest.

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