Pakistan Lifts YouTube Ban Partially

Last week the Pakistan government had banned YouTube because of its "growing sacrilegious content". However, according to new reports from Associated Press, the government has now decided to lift the ban on , albeit, partially.

The Pakistan government will continue to block videos which are offensive to Muslims, while allow other YouTube video to continue being viewed.

According to AP, the government seemed to move in that direction Wednesday by deciding it would restore access to YouTube but continue to block videos "displaying profane or sacrilegious material," said Najibullah Malik, the secretary at Pakistan’s information technology ministry.

However, there was no news on when the Government would lift the ban on , which was the root cause of the ban due to controversial caricatures of Prophet Mohammad. There were also reports that Twitter was banned in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s neighbor India also reportedly banned the "Everybody draw Mohammed Day" Facebook page. There were reports that the ban on Facebook and maybe may remain in effect till May 31st, however, there are no concrete reports to prove that claim yet.

Are you able to access YouTube or Twitter is Pakistan now, or is it still blocked?

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  • Anaresh

    Yep! Utube is accessible, Twitter….. I reckon wsn banned exactly. Fb cannot be restored until 31st ov may( it's banned on a court order) so, restoring it before 31st ov may does not fall into PTA's authority for the time being.

  • Rosh

    i think Pakistan's gov. should now unbanned Facebook as now its too much,Facebook has already apologize for it and has already deleted all those pages. Facebook should be unbanned!!!

  • i am accessing to twitter as well as the youtube too..

  • Anaresh

    fb hasn't xactly deleted dem, and dey haven't apologized or anything ( although the offensive page was a breach of fb's own policy). fb's attitude in this context ws quite disappointing and prejudiced to an extent. But I still feel that the blanket ban on da entire site ws quite crazy and da Lahore High Court's use of unnecessary wit in this case was so not recquired.

    But, all iz well, dat endz well.

  • "The Pakistan government will continue to block videos which are offensive to Muslims, while allow other YouTube video to continue being viewed."

    Well, well, looks like Muslims have no regard for any other of the Wrold's great religions, including those much older than itself.

    Excuse me, now I have to go ask my Senator why we don't block Muslim broadcasts since they might make fun of our religions?

    Oh, one other thing: I was told once that if mankind cannot make fun of any thing, then the chances are that the "thing" is false and should be regarded as an item to be ignored.

    Just sayin'.