Pakistan Cyber Army PCA Offers Cease Fire Over Hacking Indian Websites

A few days back, the Pakistan Cyber Army PCA hacked the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) for India’s website. The hack was done in order to retaliate against the hacking of over 35 government websites by the Indian Cyber Army.

In a statement sent to us, the PCA has said that they have stopped their plans of mass defacing several important Indian GOV websites and are offering a one-sided cease fire to this affair. You can read the entire media statement below.

WHO We Are

Pakistan Cyber Army (Real PCA is a Reality) would like to say thank you for all of the people across the globe and specially from Pakistan who are
behind our team . We would like to clarify that Pakistan cyber army do not have any forum, website, face book page or orkut community.  We are the team who are born for the retaliation purpose only we do not have any hatred or offensive thinking against anyone person, group or country. Pakistan Cyber Army only defaced websites when the situations becomes out of control and Indians kids try to defame Pakistan’s cyber security.

What We did

We defaced Oil & Natural Gas Corporation India in November 2008, Indian railway and other websites just to answer the attack on Pakistani websites. Pakistan Cyber Army is not involved in any defacement after that. The website of Vijay Mallyawas hacked by some kids and tries to pose that they are the real one. In our earlier statement on media we clarify that we are not associated with any websites forums or page.

What we always do

We are always watching and having eye on the things happening around Pakistan cyber security. Mean while a bunch of kids from India form a group who were inspired what we did and our name and they form Indian Cyber Army. The kids’ battle was going on between Fake PCA & ICA for almost a year.

What and Why We hacked CBI

When ICA defaced our 36 important Government websites we were unable to stop ourselves to retaliate again. CBI website was hacked and defaced in response and later the server was rooted. "It is to be noted that not a single file from the CBI server or a single record database has been deleted."

Plan of Mass Defacement Canceled

We had the plans to mass deface the Indian important Indian GOV sites but we canceled the plan. We never hack sites for the fame but in retaliation and we at PCA think that it’s enough to show our capability by hacking one of many important websites.

One Sided Cease Fire

We Pakistan Cyber Army are doing one sided cease fire from our side. We hope that the common sense prevail on the other side of the border as well. Website defacement won’t take us anywhere. Website defacement is just like kids playing with color guns :) and we are no more kids.

What Authorities should Do

We at PCA really appreciate the efforts of Pakistani authorities that recently they successfully arrest hackers who hacked into Pakistani Supreme
Court and president of Pakistan’s websites.  CBI should arrest guys on their side of border as well to stop these kiddies from playing around and hacking for fun.

What Young Guns Should Do

As always we would like to advise the young guns on both sides of the border to concentrate on their studies. Try to test out their hacking skills on Virtual machines (Lab environment) and be a part of your countries security administration.

Last Words

We would like to thank all of the people across the globe and specially Pakistanis who follow and appreciate us but sorry we have no email address, website or forum to respond to your wishes.  Pakistan Cyber Army is awakening as always. We are going to be sleeping once again but nobody should ever consider us dead. We are for Pakistan & Pakistan is for us. Always consider us in your prayers. Pakistan Zindabad.

So what do you think about this statement, should the Indian Cyber Army also stop defacing sites across the border now?

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