Watch Champions League T20 2010 Online – CL T20 2010 Online

T20 cricket has taken of in a big way in India and across the world. The which was one of the biggest T20 tournaments this year saw Chennai Super Kings beating Mumbai Indians to lift the trophy.

Airtel Champions League T20 2010 Online

However, Chennai Super Kings along with Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore now has to take part in the Champions League T20 2010 where champions from several countries will compete against each other for a prize money.

The Airtel Champions League T20 consists of 10 teams. Apart from the 3 IPL T20 teams the CL T20 2010 also has Warriors, Victorian Bushrangers, Wayamba Elevens, Central Stags, Highveld Lions, South Australian Redbacks and Guyana.

Airtel Champions League T20 will be played in South Africa starting on 10 September at the Wanderers in Johannesburg, with the final being played at the same venue on 26th September.

Are you gearing to watch the Champions League T20 matches? Well, if you don’t have a TV, no problem, you can watch all the Champions League T20 2010 matches live online using high quality streaming links.

If you do not have access to a TV you can watch all the CL T20 2010 Matches live online using high quality stream links. You can watch all cricket matches live online at or also catch up on live cricket matches streaming at User channels for the live cricket matches are also available at sites like and, you can search either of these sites to find live cricket streams uploaded by users.

Indonesia Joins the Fray; Seeks to Ban Blackberry

RIM - BlackberryAfter Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and probably India, it is Indonesia’s turn to seek a ban on Blackberry‘s services.

Indonesia is making demands similar to those made by Saudi Arabia, UAE and India; it wants RIM (Research in Motion) to install local servers through which the user data is routed so that it can have access to all the encrypted emails.

RIM is in a very tight spot right now, if it acquiesces to the request of any one country, it will have to comply with every country’s request. It has stated that it won’t compromise on its security features. It has agreed to provide user codes to the Saudi authorities that will allow them to access the encrypted information.

Indonesia has more than 1.2 million subscribers. Blackberry is facing fire from all quarters — Android and Apple are gaining marketshare while it is busy trying to pacify multiple governments. Even its stock has been hammered down by about 5%.

Indian Government Gets Ready To Ban Blackberry

RIM Last month, we reported that the Indian government was threatening to ban Blackberry along with a host of other services like Gmail and Skype. Reuters is now reporting that, the government of India of India will meet with telecom operators tomorrow to seek concrete measures.

Like Saudi Arabia, India also wants instant access to encrypted messages sent using Blackberry devices, which were reportedly used by terrorists in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Similar demands have also been made by United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Germany. In fact, the Indian government had also made similar demands in 2008.

RIM’s recent decision to grant the Saudi government access to local servers, will undoubtedly encourage the Indian government to take a stronger stance. At tomorrow’s meeting, the Indian government might issue a deadline for RIM to comply with the demands. In case the Indian government goes through the ban, RIM stands to lose 1 million subscribers in a country where the iPhone is still struggling to make an impact.

Mark Hurd: Loved By Shareholders, Hated By Employees

Mark Hurd is widely regarded as a successful CEO, thanks to his role in reviving HP after the tumultuous reign of Carly Fiorina. His aggressive measures tripled HP’s profits and succeeded in making HP the leading PC and laptop manufacturer in the world. During his tenure, HP also surpassed IBM as the world’s largest technology company. Naturally, when the news of his resignation broke, a sizable section of the Silicon Valley, including the likes of the Oracle CEO, were sympathetic towards Hurd. However, while Hurd might have the support of a section of the shareholders and journalists, he is receiving little solidarity back home.


According to the figures provided by Glassdoor to TechCrunch, Hurd was in fact, one of the most unpopular CEOs in the US. His aggressive cost-cutting drive meant that he had a mere 36% approval rating. A disgruntled former HP employee has already dubbed him as a thug and revealed that he was nicknamed as Mark Turd by ex-HP employees. Here’s an excerpt from the HP Phenomenon blog:

This guy was a thug, nicknamed Mark Turd by ex-HPites who worked directly for him — stories that have circulated in the Valley for three years. He raped HP employees (figuratively, without violating the sexual conduct code at HP) by eliminating the sixty-five year concept of profit sharing, preferring to move to obscene bonuses for himself and his five top minions — a mere $113 million payout for them in a year he chopped everyone else’s pay by 5% plus profit-sharing. These were raises for some of the five people by as much as 400% — a tidy uptick.

He was profane, a bully, autocratic, threatening, demeaning, vindictive, and rude. Blogs over the weekend by current employees said “Hooray, the tyrant is gone!” I couldn’t contain my glee on the 11pm news — best news for HP in a very long time!

Reports suggest that HP’s board was advised by the PR firm APCO to take the moral high ground in order to avoid public scrutiny. Unfortunately, by forcing Hurd’s hand, HP has opened themselves up to the same glaring media headlines it had hoped to avoid. Even as pundits continue to debate the morality and the rationality behind the board’s decision, HP’s stock has shed 8.67% of its value since last Friday, and long term investors are beginning to feel itchy.

Twitter’s Official Retweet Button is Coming Soon

There is a news that Twitter will be launching an official retweet button for websites and blogs at the end of this week. The button will work just the same way as the Tweetmeme buttons work presently, users will be able to retweet any page from your blog and the button will show how many times the page has been tweeted, reports Mashable.

Official Twitter buttons

The button will be available in three different sizes – 100 X20, 55 X20, 55 X63 with five different settings for customization.

The code for embedding the official Twitter button in your blog’s template is simple and available in both JavaScript and iframe formats. Here is how the code looks like:


<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

<a href=””>Tweet</a>


<iframe allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”

scr=”” style =”width:130px;height:50px;”></iframe>

The button can be seen in action below, although it might not work because the retweet feature isn’t live for everyone yet. Only a few sources have this ability activated and you may have to wait till Twitter activates the feature officially.


It will be interesting to see the reactions of Tweetmeme and Topsy, the   two companies heavily rely on the “Retweet” buttons for promoting their brand.

We will update this post once we get more news or any other information regarding the official Twitter buttons.

Update: It’s official, Twitter has just announced the Retweet buttons and you can get the code from this page.

Google To Acquire Jambool for $70 Million

Jambool - Social GoldGoogle is on an acquisition spree right now. After the official announcement that it had acquired Slide, there has been speculation that it has now acquired Jambool, a social gaming monetization startup for about $70 million.

Jambool runs Social Gold, a virtual goods monetization platform which enables developers to manage their own virtual currency in their games. It also allows developers to get detailed analytics about your in-game virtual economies. Social Gold is used by many online games; but it was hit hard by the launch of Facebook Credits, the official virtual currency of Facebook.

Jambool was founded by Vikas Gupta and Reza Hussein, two Indian developers who were previously working at Amazon.

Google is desperate to crack the social networking market and social gaming is probably the best way to do it. It has reportedly set its sights on Facebook and is planning to launch a Facebook competitor codenamed “Google Me”.

Microsoft Says Use Google Chrome for Problems with Hotmail

hotmail-logo Earlier today, it was reported that Microsoft has recommended some strange advice for users of the newly upgraded Hotmail (Windows Live Mail) service. Just last week, Microsoft finished rolling out a new user interface design to their 350 million users. Some have claimed that many of the new design features are due to the popularity of Google’s Gmail service.

According to MS, the new Hotmail UI (User Interface) is supported on the following web browsers:

• Internet Explorer 6.0+ on Windows
• Internet Explorer 6.x
• Internet Explorer 7.x
• Internet Explorer 8.x (Standards mode)
• Firefox 3.0+ on Windows and Macintosh
• Safari 4.0+ on Windows and Macintosh
• Chrome on Windows latest major version

Since the roll-out, the Hotmail forums have been alive with complaints about the new UI. This is the odd suggestion that’s been reported by The Register:

Some customers have indicated that if they use Google Chrome to view their Hotmail account they no longer encounter this problem

I guess I’d have to tag this post with WTF, because I can’t believe that anyone working for MS would ever have said that. I did a fairly extensive search of the forums and I was not able to find that advice. However, I did find dozens of posts that had been removedby the moderators. It’s possible they’ve removed that suggestion.

One thing for certain is that Microsoft should have followed the great example that Gmail introduced when they upgraded their own user interfaces. There has always been a link to take people back to an older UI, just in case they run into problems.

Microsoft still seems to be using it’s released products for beta testing and many Hotmail users are angry that they’ve been chosen as the guinea pigs. By the way, I just tried out the new Hotmail, and it worked fine for me … but I was using Google Chrome.

If you have your own tips on using Hotmail or it’s problems, be sure to comment below or email me.

Gmail Gets New Contact Manager and New Look

Gmail has finally got a new contact manager, which is 100 times better than the earlier one. The new contact manager is fast and easier to use, and is definitely a welcome change to one of the best email services available online today.


I have been a Gmail user for a while now and to be frank, managing contacts was definitely a pain. The older contacts interface was mediocre at its best when compared to how powerful Gmail in itself was. However, that is now a thing of the past as Google is rolling out a new contact manager for all Gmail users starting today.

Gmail Contact Manager

The new contacts manager has a more prominent link as seen in the first screenshot above and will also work pretty much like Gmail works, fast. The new contacts manager now supports , sorting by name, custom labels for contact fields, ability to undo changes you made and automatic saving just like Gmail compose among other things.

In addition to the contact manager changes, Gmail also sports links to Mail, Contacts and Tasks in the top left and displays a Compose mail button instead of a text. There is also some screen estate recovery thanks to the reduction in the header area. However, Google has also made it a bit painful to select messages by removing the links and putting it into a dropdown.

Overall these changes are pretty good and make Gmail the best free email service out there. The new changes to the Gmail contact manager and overall email layout will be rolled out to all users in a phased manner.

(Official Gmail Blog)

Are Flash Cookies and Zombie Cookies Violating Your Privacy?

It’s bad enough that we get hit with tons of third party browser cookies that can track our surfing habits. Now we have to worry about Flash cookies and even worse, Zombie cookies. So what are these new cookies?

Almost every computer that accesses the web, now has Adobe Flash installed on it. In case you didn’t know, the Flash program stores it’s own cookies that your web browser has absolutely no control over. Are these Flash cookies bad for us? Yes, they can store all kinds of private information that can be passed to almost any website that uses them. A typical browser cookie is only 4k in size, while a Flash cookie can be up to 100k. That’s more room for information that you may not want to share.

In addition to being more difficult to control, the Flash cookies are now also resurrecting browser cookies that you may have intentionally blocked or removed. These resurrected cookies are known as Zombie cookies. I found out about this from Woody at Windows Secrets newsletter. Once I found out, I decided to look around for ways to get some control over these rogue Flash cookies. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Adobe Flash has privacy settings that you can adjust by going to their website.

I’ll be honest with you – I really don’t understand many of these settings, but I have used them a few times. I just don’t know how much good it’s done me. Here are some sample screen shots of my settings.

adobe-flash-settings-1 adobe-flash-settings-3

There are settings in each of the 8 tabs there. All I can recommend is that you review the settings and be sure that most of them ask your permission for unusual requests such as webcam access.

Another way to control and remove Flash cookies is to use this freeware program I’ve found called FlashCookiesView.


This program is available as a zip file and is completely portable. Just unpack it into a folder and execute the program when you need it. FlashCookiesView allows you to see all of the Flash cookies, view the contents of the cookies, and to delete any of them you wish.

Get Nirsoft’s FlashCookiesView

More Information:

• Firefox users can delete Flash cookies with – BetterPrivacy
•  Here is a Chrome extension which also allows Flash cookie removal:  Click & Clean
•  Here is more security information on Flash cookies
•  You can delete Flash cookies manually by going to the storage locations listed here

Now you know as much as I do. If you have your own tips on controlling Flash cookies or any other Windows security issues, be sure to comment below or email me.

Watch India vs New Zealand Online – Sri Lanka Tri-Series

After winning the last test match against Sri Lanka with a come from back performance and thanks to a very good hundred by VVS Laxman, India will change gears when they take on New Zealand in the first match of the ODI tri-series also featuring Sri Lanka.

Cricket - India vs New Zealand

Both India and Sri Lanka go into the match without some key players. India who already missed Zaheer Khan and Harbhajhan in the tests will now have to do without Ishant Sharma who was ruled out of the match after an injury. Nevertheless, the confidence will of the Indian team will be high after a morale boosting and series leveling win in the third test against Sri Lanka.

However, New Zealand are a tough side and India who recently won the Asia Cup after 15 years will be looking to exploit their weaknesses and gain an early advantage in the series. India will play New Zealand in the day-night match at the Dambulla stadium, here are the squads for the match.

India squad

MS Dhoni, V Sehwag, R Ashwin, RA Jadeja, KD Karthik†, V Kohli, P Kumar, A Mithun, A Nehra, PP Ojha, SK Raina, I Sharma, RG Sharma, SS Tiwary, Yuvraj Singh

New Zealand squad

LRPL Taylor, GD Elliott, MJ Guptill, GJ Hopkins, PJ Ingram, NL McCullum, AJ McKay, KD Mills, JDP Oram, JS Patel, TG Southee, SB Styris, DR Tuffey, BJ Watling, KS Williamson

Are you gearing to watch the 1st ODI match between India and New Zealand at Dambulla? Well, if you don’t have a TV, no problem, you can watch the tri-series ODI between India and New Zealand live online using high quality streaming links.

If you do not have access to a TV you can watch all the India vs New Zealand ODI match online at or also catch up on live cricket matches streaming at User channels for the live cricket matches are also available at sites like and, you can search either of these sites to find live cricket streams uploaded by users.

We will update the post when more high quality live streams of the India vs New Zealand ODIs become available, till then enjoy watching cricket at the above links.