Mysterious Animated Google “Google Balls” Doodle Is Crazy

Oh Google and their .  Just a few days after Google added a “Buckyball” Doodle, they have now added a mysterious new Animated aptly dubbed as “Google Balls”, which dances along with your mouse.

animated_google_doodleGoogle Doodle’s   are historically known to celebrate events such as a birthday of a historic person or invention among other things. The changes to the Google Logo are apparent through a link they add to their Doodle’s, however with this new animated Doodle, there is no link and the balls just bounce around when you move your mouse over it.


According to Washington Post; who have also speculated on what the Doodle’s significance is; the new Google “Google Balls” doodle might be an inspiration about a news conference that Google is holding at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, no matter what the reason is, this new Google “Google Balls” Doodle is definitely driving people nuts Smile. Do you know what the significance of this new Animated Google Doodle is, if yes, do let us know by commenting.

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Former HP CEO Mark Hurd May Join Oracle as No. 2

HP CEO Mark Hurd who is widely accredited for turning around the fortunes of HP in last decade was forced to resign from his post last month following some sexual  harassment  allegations. As events unrolled, it seemed that one of the strongest voices to speak in favor of Mark Hurd was that of Oracle CEO Lawrence Ellison who suggested that HP’s board made a wrong move.

Now, it seems like Oracle’s soft spot for Mark Hurd has  strengthened  since the two are in conversation to bring in Mark Hurd at an executive position. Even though it is not 100% confirmed what role Mark hurd would be offered, there is a great chance that he would act as No. 2 reporting directly to Lawrence Ellison. The circumstances are proving to be quite generous for Mark Hurd who will get back into business so soon, but several media outlets and analysts are bashing Oracle for this decision claiming this will demonstrate Oracle’s willingness to accept people who have compromised over work ethics.

The decision now lies with Oracle’s board of directors who will meet within next few days to make a decision. During Hurd’s tenure as CEO, HP surpassed IBM as the number one technology company with annual revenues jumping to $110 Billion from $80 Billion previously.

Google "Buckyball" Doodle Is A New Time Waster

Do you remember the Google PAC-MAN Doodle, which cost users 4.82 million hours and $120 million and also created quite a few issues for users? Well, the PAC-MAN game got a permanent home at Google, however, it looks like Google has just come up with another time-waster Doodle, this time for Google New Zealand.


The Google NZ Doodle celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Buckyball, which are molecules composed entirely of carbon often found in the form of a hollow sphere or tube (More at Wikipedia). The Buckyball Doodle is also the second interactive Doodle used on a Google homepage.

When you visit you will see the Buckyball take form and can play around with it turning it with your mouse, however, unlike PAC-MAN, there is no coin slots for this, so play around with it till you want.

Update: This is a Global and is being rolled out to countries as the clock strikes 12AM.

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Google Wave Will Stand Alone in a Box

Wave was slated to be the killer Google App developed by the Mountain View based search giant. In our first impressions review, the service received generally praiseworthy comments and touched upon the high amount of collaborative customization that could be garnered by using Wave.


Unfortunately, it was not meant to live on Google’s servers. Due to the poor rate of usage and adoption, the service was killed off in a year’s time. Nevertheless, in the blog post where they waved goodbyeto Google Wave, Google announced that the code will still remain open source:-

We don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a standalone product, but we will maintain the site at least through the end of the year and extend the technology for use in other Google projects. The central parts of the code, as well as the protocols that have driven many of Wave’s innovations, like drag-and-drop and character-by-character live typing, are already available as open source, so customers and partners can continue the innovation we began.

Google is now making good on that promise to its loyal fans. They announced that they will expand on the 200,000 lines of code already present to develop a web-server based Wave rehash that will be made available to any individual or enterprise. The project, termed Wave in a Boxwill use similar paradigms adopted by Google Wave, but will be a somewhat newer collaboration program.

This project will not have the full functionality of Google Wave as you know it today. However, we intend to give developers and enterprising users an opportunity to run wave servers and host waves on their own hardware.

So, will you adopt Google’s Wave in a Box for your home or office network? Do tell us in the comments.

Apple September Special Event Keynote Video

Apple has posted the video of yesterday’s Special Event, where they unveiled a new line of , iPod Nano and other redesigned iPod products along with the new iTunes 10, iTunes Ping and Apple TV 2.0.

Apple September Special Event Video

If you missed watching the keynote by Steve Jobs and the other presentations, here is your chance to catch up with the video of the Apple September Special Event.

The event is available at and also on iTunes, you can watch it as by visiting this link. Please note that you might require QuickTime in order to view this event in your browser.

Download iOS 4.1 GM Firmware for iPhone And iPod Touch

Earlier today, Apple announced the availability of which fixes several bugs in including the proximity sensor bug on . The iOS 4.1 firmware will also fix performance issues with 3G and adds HDR photo support to the iPhone.

iOS 4.1 Downloads

iOS 4.1 also adds the much awaited Game Center, which will allow users to play multiplayer games and challenge your friends, whilst allowing you to discover new games.

iOS 4.1 is a free update which will be rolled out for iPhone and devices next week, however, if you are developer, you can download the iOS 4.1 GM Firmware right now through Apple developer network.

According to 9to5 Mac, Apple has begun seeding the iOS 4.1 GM to developers and it can be downloaded from You will require an Apple developer account in order to download the iOS 4.1 GM. The final release of iOS 4.1 is scheduled for next week and users will be able to download it using iTunes.

Apple September Special Event Flash Video Streaming

Apple Event is now live underway, however, Apple is blocking the streams for Windows users even if they have Safari and QuickTime installed on their PC. There are of course alternatives for Windows and Linux users to watch the Apple Event.

However, the best alternative that would work on virtually any PC (Mac, Windows or Linux) is using Flash streaming. There are couple of options available to watch the Apple September Special Event through a flash video, here is an embedded video courtesy the Gizmodo live stream.


So if you have a Windows or Linux PC, this is the best way you can watch the Apple September event live Winking smile/

Apple September 1 Event Keynote Live Streaming Video/Audio

Apple will be holding an Apple Event on September 1 about music where they might possibly unveil the next generation of and iTV in addition to several other announcements. The Apple Music event is scheduled for 10AM PT/1PM ET at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts Theatre in San Francisco.


Unlike other Apple events, Apple will be broadcasting today’s event live to millions of users across the world. The event will be available live at 10PM at Users can visit to view the live broadcast and keynotes online.

The event could be about the iTV device which is the next generation Apple TV, new features in iTunes and even the new iPod Touch 4G. It is rumored that the iPod Touch 4G may have a 5MP camera and support FaceTime.

Apple suggests that the event can only be viewed using Safari on a Mac, , iPod Touch or . There is no mention of being able to view the live broadcast on or any other browsers including , , Internet Explorer or .   However, you can also follow updates on several other live blogs, learn how to follow Apple September 1 Event live updates.

Apple Live Streaming iPod/iTV September Event, Leaves Out Windows

Apple is breaking their norm of not broadcasting their events live across the world. This time around Apple’s September 1 event, where there might be an introduction of the new iTV and 4G, will be broadcast live at To know where to catch up on live feeds and updates visit this link.

Apple September Music Event

No more hunting for live feeds and updates, just head over to and you will be able to view the live streaming video of the Apple September Music event.

According to the press release, Apple will be broadcasting its September 1 event online using Apple’s industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards. Sarcastically, Apple suggests that the event can only be viewed using Safari on a Mac, , iPod Touch or . There is no mention of being able to view the live broadcast on or any other browsers including , , Internet Explorer or .

Nevertheless, you will definitely be able to watch the live broadcast on Windows too, at-least if you use Safari. The Apple September 1 music event will be broadcast live at at 10AM PDT/1PM EST.

Microsoft Bing Offers “integrated search and mapping” for Android. Is Awkward.

Well, well, well, isn’t this awkward? Microsoft Bing Community has launched an app for Android users under Verizon that offers integrated search and mappingfor all the Android users that lack this super-special and super-rare service that Google’s phones seem to lack (at least for the folks at Bing, we are assuming).


It also has voice-search capabilities which are hard to find on the Google phones.

Evidently, they are trying their luck at this gapin the market. No puns intended.