Google Celebrates PAC-MAN Birthday With Playable Doodle

are often a part of the Google homepage, either to celebrate a great personalities birthday or a great invention. Today’s though is a unique one which celebrates the 30th birthday of PAC-MAN.

Google PAC-MAN 30th Birthday Doodle

What’s so unique about today’s Google Doodle? Well, you can actually play the PAC-MAN game by either using the Insert Coin button next to Google search or waiting for a few seconds. The game also has a Easter egg which is activated when you press the Insert Coin button twice in a game. Once you do that, a new character Ms. PAC-MAN will enter the game.

Another unique thing about today’s doodle is that, instead of the usual 24 hours, this doodle will be displayed to users for the next 48 hours.

However, I must warn you that keeping the page open for long can kind of annoy you since there is no stop button anywhere to close or pause the game, so make sure you go to Google to search :-P.

Rest aside, I have always been a big PAC-MAN fan and have played the game on arcades, consoles and even on an emulator. So my hearty birthday wishes to the little guy.

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  • Best Google Doodles ever.

  • Julesc

    This would be cute if the noise didn't repeat every time Google opened. I use(d) Google all the time at work. Now I'm forced to have my speakers turned off or I have to opt for another search engine if I wish to keep a professional atmosphere in the office. That being said, I wouldn't be pleased with this noise at home, either. If I was listening to music, I wouldn't want the pac-man sounds repeatedly restarting just because I want to look something up online.

    The automatic sound was a mistake, in my opinion. If a search is performed on the topic on Google itself, the search results light up with irritated Google users who are trying to turn it off or who are going elsewhere for their search engine needs.

    • smokes

      are you fucking serious ?

      dont start the game if its annoying…

      when you enter the game is not starting automaticly…

      • Julesc

        Please check your facts before blasting me with your anger management problems, "Smokes". If you visit (noisy) Google and type "stop google pacman" or "google pacman noise" you'll see that there are thousands of people posting similar concerns.

        For many (especially using Firefox) the sound begins automatically after the page has been open for a few seconds. Others are struggling with the sound not turning off even after they've closed their browsers.

        The game is cute and nostalgic. The noise should simply have an "off" option.

        • smokes

          sorry about that… the game started after 5 seconds on my chrome…

          but i think 5 seconds is enough on google page..

          i mean you need to access teh page to search smth that takes less than 2 seconds…

      • Andy Martin

        Why the swearing? Can't you express yourself without sing pig-ignorant obscenities?

    • Well other than listening to music on your PC I don't see a need to why you'd need the speakers on anyways, especially at work, and most web browsers have a search box in them to search through Google without even going to the main page if you're so annoyed about it. Though, it looks they they changed it so it doesn't make noise when started automatically.

      • danamo51

        Other than listening to music, some people like to hear when they have new mail, or if some application they use makes an alert sound, or if they are visually impaired and use text to voice software to work on their computer.

        Other people set google as their home page because they want a fast loading and simple page for their browser to startup with.

        If all the blogs I've seen today are any indication, Google may get a lot of people coming to their site to play the stupid game for now, but in the long run they are going to lose regular viewers who are annoyed enough to switch to Bing or other search engines in protest.

        This is one of the dumbest marketing ideas in internet history.

  • sue

    Well, I am so annoyed. I use headphones for work and use Google for search all day long. Well this annoying Pac Man near blew my ears off and gave me a heart attack! First you change the layout of Google search and now this. Grrr, how can I turn this off. Guess I will just move to another search engine.

    • smokes

      thats not annoying for me cause i dont sit on google for liek more than 2 or 3 seconds..

      and i think you are a troll..

      changing the best search engine just for that


      • no pacman thanks

        Stop trolling, Smokes. Seriously.

  • JustinC


  • I was surprised to see Pacman on Google. Must be the first interactive logo to appear on the Google Homepage.